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npm Enterprise

Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and collaboration designed for mission-critical JavaScript

Bring your development under one roof and get a handle on your company’s Open Source footprint with our dedicated deployment in the cloud. npm Enterprise keeps developers focused on what they do best, while providing you with industry-leading administrative capabilities.

diagram illustrating secure connection from private to public registry.

npm Enterprise sits in front of the public registry, acting as a configurable gatekeeper allowing you to filter out unwanted or suspect packages. As your team’s private and secure view onto the npm public registry, it enables easy collaboration and re-use of both public and private packages. And with unlimited namespaces, you can map all of your teams and projects to the right collections of packages, allowing them to share and manage code without stepping on toes.

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npm Enterprise drops seamlessly into your existing dev ops flow

Model of the enterprise workflow from registry to deployment

Reduce risk while reducing friction. npm Enterprise is built as an extension of tools your team is already using, and was designed to easily fit into and add value to any existing CI/CD workflow, allowing you to seamlessly upgrade your JavaScript development. Whether you are already using a third-party package repository out of the box, or use custom dev ops tools you’ve built for the specific needs of your team, npm Enterprise will work for you.

Security and Compliance

Ensure only packages that meet the security and compliance requirements of your organization are used in your JavaScript applications. Set global policies that offer an extra layer of protection across all of your development teams. Developers are notified of unsuitable packages during the `npm install` phase at the beginning of the development life-cycle when package issues are easiest and cheapest to fix, rather than further along the CI/CD pipeline or, in the worst case, allowing vulnerable packages into production software.

  • Ensure your code is safe to use before it gets into the CI/CD pipeline
  • Stay current with advisories from the npm security team––the world’s foremost experts in JavaScript security
  • Ensure proper access with enterprise-wide user management including SSO and RBAC

Insight, Visibility and Control

See your entire JavaScript footprint at a glance. All package downloads across every JavaScript team flow through npm Enterprise, giving you a bird's-eye view and systematic control over what packages your teams use.

  • Select and enforce canonical, enterprise-wide standards for frameworks and libraries
  • Avoid stale libraries and frameworks and the proliferation of redundant packages
  • Consolidate expertise on a best-of-breed technology suite
  • Gain insight into how your JavaScript footprint compares to industry trends


Much of the power of JavaScript comes from its extraordinary open source code sharing model and the vast library available to the community via the npm public registry. Use that same proven model to share and distribute your private code libraries across all of your JavaScript teams.

  • Gain instant productivity with no additional infrastructure.
  • Work seamlessly with existing processes
  • Ensure smooth CI/CD pipeline flow by avoiding failed security and compliance checks
  • Ship better code faster
npm public registry npm orgs npm Enterprise
Seamless Integration
full support for npm CLI
familiar web interface
full-text search for public packages
full-text search for private packages
Package Access
public registry
private packages
multiple namespaces
install-time vulnerability reports
two-factor authentication
security advisories
role-based access control
single sign-on
Insight, Visibility & Control
JavaScript footprint analysis
usage pattern reporting
security & compliance enforcement