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    Catalyst CLI

    The official command line interface of Zoho Catalyst

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    This is the Catalyst Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool. They can be used to:

    • Initialize your project and associate it with various components
    • Create and manage your projects
    • Interact with data in your Catalyst projects via console
    • Deploy code and assets to your Catalyst projects

    To get started with the Catalyst CLI, you can go through our documentation CLI documentation.


    To install the Catalyst CLI, you first need to Sign Up to ZOHO.

    Then you need to install Node.js and npm.


    1. Installing Node.js should install npm as well.

    Once npm is installed, you can get Catalyst CLI via following command:

    npm install -g zcatalyst-cli

    This will provide you with the globally accessible catalyst command.


    1. If you need to setup the cli in current directory alone use the same command without -g option.

    2. Alternatively you can visit CLI Installation Documentation for installation instructions.


    The command catalyst --help lists all the available commands and catalyst <command> --help shows more details for provided command (if exists).

    Certain command are project specific and for it to work you must be inside a project directory or you can simply specify the project id via -p <project_id> option.

    List of the available commands

    Command Description
    login Authenticate your CLI to access Catalyst Details. Requires access to a web browser.
    logout Sign out of the Catalyst CLI.
    list Print a list of all of your Catalyst projects.
    use Set active Catalyst project and manage it.
    init Setup a new Catalyst project or link existing project to the current directory.
    help Display help information about the CLI or specific commands.
    pull Pull the code from existing catalyst project to current directory.
    deploy Deploys your Catalyst project for that particular folder.
    functions:shell Starts a Node shell with emulated local functions where you can test out functions.
    serve Saves the code to catalyst and brings up testing URL without affecting production.


    Migration will run for every new version of CLI when executing a command with proper scopes.

    This is to make sure your local project is upto date with the CLI version that is updated.


    • Global configuration file (zcatalyst-cli-nodejs/zcatalyst-cli.json) structure change.


    npm i zcatalyst-cli

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