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    yaml-markdown-to-html version

    render a folder of markdown files with yaml front matter to html

    Example: transformation example


    yarn add yaml-markdown-to-html --dev
    npm i yaml-markdown-to-html --save-dev


    The command line interface accepts three folders:

    yaml-markdown-to-html <content> <public> <render>

    <content> is the source folder that contains the markdown files to render

    <public> is the destination folder that will contain the rendered html files

    <render> is the folder, which contains at least a render.js and may contain a post-render.js, as well as other files that are used to render the markdown files to html. By default the CLI will look for a folder with the same name as the argument if omitted.

    render/render.js is called once per file and gets an object with its parsed meta data and the raw markdown string, a collection of all other files in the current directory plus index pages of folders in the current directory and a collection of all files. It should return a Promise that fulfills with the rendered HTML.

    example: render/render.js

    module.exports = function render(currentFile, filesInCurrentFolder, allFiles) {
      return Promise.resolve(
          +JSON.stringify(currentFile, null, 2)+' of '+allFiles.length
          +JSON.stringify(filesInCurrentFolder, null, 2)

    render/postRender.js receives a collection of rendered files including a renderedPath property after all files have been rendered and should return a Promise that fulfills whenever it is done.

    example: render/post-render.js

    module.exports = function postRender(renderedFiles) {
      console.log('number of rendered files: %i', renderedFiles.length);
      return Promise.resolve(renderedFiles);


    The MIT License (MIT) Maximilian Hoffmann


    npm i yaml-markdown-to-html

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