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    xTinyPNG CLI

    Handy command-line (CLI) tool for shrinking PNG/JPEG images using the TinyPNG API


    To get the last published version, install via npmjs

    npm install -g xtinypng-cli

    To install the latest code, in the event that the current repository is ahead of the published version

    npm install -g mathieu-aubin/xtinypng-cli


    To use xTinyPNG CLI, a key for the TinyPNG API is required.Getting one is simple and quick, from TinyPNG's website.


    xTinyPNG CLI supports the following three (3) different methods of passing your API key

    Environment variables

    The most convenient method, according to me, is to use environment variables. - XTINYPNG_KEY - TINYPNG_KEY - TINIFY_KEY (for compatibility with Tinify)

    RC-type File

    Save your API key into a file, within your $HOME directory, named either - .xtinypng - .tinypng

    CLI Argument

    Useful for scripting/automation purposes, provide the API key as a CLI argument with -k/--key flags

    xtinypng -k E99a18c4f8cb3EL5f2l08u368_922e03 demo.png

    Examples #### (limited see help)

    To shrink all PNG/JPEG images within the current directory, you may run one of the following commands -- they do exactly the same.

    xtinypng .

    To shrink all PNG/JPEG images within the current directory, recursively, use the -r/--recursive flags

    xtinypng . -r
    xtinypng -r /somefolder/images

    To shrink all PNG/JPEG images within a specific directory (assets/img in this case), you may run the following

    xtinypng assets/img

    You may also provide multiple directories.

    xtinypng ./assets/img1/* assets/img2

    To shrink a single PNG/JPEG image (assets/img/demo.png in this example), you may run the following command.

    xtinypng assets/img/demo.png

    You may also provide multiple single files

    xtinypng assets/img/demo1.png ./assets/img/demo2.png

    To resize images, use the --width and/or --height flags. Short versions of those also exist as -H and -W

    xtinypng assets/img/demo.png --width 123
    xtinypng assets/img/demo.png --height 123
    xtinypng -W 123 --height 123 filename.jpg

    A resize method is also available when resizing with --method or -m. Depending on the method WhichYouWish to perform, a different combination of either height/width will be required.

    xtinypng --height 640 -m scale filename.png
    xtinypng assets/img/demo.png -W 200 -H 140 -m fit

    More about resizing and the available methods using --help or by visiting TinyPNG's website

    Other informations

    Please check the help --help for more informations and examples


    • 0.1.0
      • Multiple comments

      • Uses env variables for keys (3)

      • Refactor help and add links

      • Sends DNT:1 headers with the requests

      • Sends A custom User-Agent header with the requests (-A/--user-agent)

      • Displays compression-count after each compressions

      • Allows to take full control over resizing with the API resizing methods options

      • Shows alot more informations on the command-line

      • Better error management (i guess)

      • Prevent empty files from being processed

      • Allows for dotfiles to match as source files (-M, --matchdots)

      • Replaces /usr/bin/tinypng if already installed

    • 0.0.9
      • Implement resizing methods
      • More code tinkering
    • 0.0.8
      • Some visual changes and code tinkering
    • 0.0.7 Fork of original source code


    npm i xtinypng-cli

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