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    # with npm 
    npm install windows-binary-architecture
    # with yarn 
    yarn add windows-binary-architecture

    What is this about

    Find the target CPU architecture of Windows binaries (DLLs, EXEs and others).

    The module exposes a single function, getTargetArch(path, callback(err, archName, archCode)) which opens an executable file and determines what CPU architecture the file was built for, by calling your callback with a name for the architecture and its code, according to the table on the Windows documentation, reproduced here.

    Name Value Description
    UNKNOWN 0x0 The contents of this field are assumed to be applicable to any machine type
    AM33 0x1d3 Matsushita AM33
    AMD64 0x8664 x64
    ARM 0x1c0 ARM little endian
    ARM64 0xaa64 ARM64 little endian
    ARMNT 0x1c4 ARM Thumb-2 little endian
    EBC 0xebc EFI byte code
    I386 0x14c Intel 386 or later processors and compatible processors
    IA64 0x200 Intel Itanium processor family
    M32R 0x9041 Mitsubishi M32R little endian
    MIPS16 0x266 MIPS16
    MIPSFPU 0x366 MIPS with FPU
    MIPSFPU16 0x466 MIPS16 with FPU
    POWERPC 0x1f0 Power PC little endian
    POWERPCFP 0x1f1 Power PC with floating point support
    R4000 0x166 MIPS little endian
    RISCV32 0x5032 RISC-V 32-bit address space
    RISCV64 0x5064 RISC-V 64-bit address space
    RISCV128 0x5128 RISC-V 128-bit address space
    SH3 0x1a2 Hitachi SH3
    SH3DSP 0x1a3 Hitachi SH3 DSP
    SH4 0x1a6 Hitachi SH4
    SH5 0x1a8 Hitachi SH5
    THUMB 0x1c2 Thumb
    WCEMIPSV2 0x169 MIPS little-endian WCE v2
    null Unknown architecture, name is null and the architecture code is sent to the callback as-is


    npm i windows-binary-architecture

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