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Web3.js Pocket Provider

A Web3.js Provider to connect to any Ethereum Pocket Node endpoint. To find out more about Pocket Node please visit the repo.


  1. Web3.js 1.x^
  2. A way to sign transactions client side (like Lightwallet or ethereumjs-tx).
  3. A Pocket Node to connect to (e.g. https://ethereum.pokt.network), or learn how to run your own.


npm install --save web3-pocket-provider

If you're using NodeJS you can just do a require:

const PocketProvider = require('web3-pocket-provider');

If you're on the browser just import the index.js file in the dist directory of the npm package:

<script src="<./node_modules/web3-pocket-provider/dist/index.js>"></script>


To create a new provider you just need to:

var transactionSigner = {
    hasAddress: function(address, callback) {
        // insert your implementation
    signTransaction: function(txParams, callback) {
        // insert your implementation

var options = {
    // Connect to the Rinkeby chain
    networkId: '4',
    // Set the timeout in ms, set to 0 for no timeout
    timeout: 0

// You can swap the host however you want
var pocketProvider = new PocketProvider('https://ethereum.pokt.network', transactionSigner, options);

// Procure your web3 instance and set the provider

TransactionSigner Interface

The idea for this interface comes from the Hooked Web3 Provider project.

The TransactionSigner interface will allow you to implement the custom logic to sign transactions client side, and whenever sendTransaction is used, it will be swapped to sendRawTransaction with a payload of your transaction signed with the specified private key.

Methods of the TransactionSigner interface

You will need to implement the following 2 methods:

hasAddress(address, callback)

Asynchronous method called to determine wether or not the TransactionSigner supports signing transactions for the given address. Read below about the arguments for this function:

  • address: The hex string representation of the address to check.
  • function(error, boolean): The error parameter will indicate whether or not an error ocurred while checking the address, and the boolean parameter will indicate whether or not the address is supported by the TransactionSigner.

signTransaction(txObj, callback)

Asynchronous method called to generate a serialized signed format of the given txObj. Read below about the arguments for this function:

  • txObj: An object containing the transaction parameters, it must follow the Ethereum JSON-RPC specification for eth_sendTransaction parameters.
  • function(error, rawTx): The error parameter will indicate if an error ocurred signing the transaction, the rawTx string will contained the serialized signed transaction in hexadecimal format.


You can reach out to us through our website: https://pokt.network where you can find our Social Media accounts, and access to our Slack workspace where you can ask us any questions.


npm i web3-pocket-provider

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