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    Visual regression testing framework. Works with all web frameworks.

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    Quick start


    npm i -D viz

    Configure Babel in your configuration file, e.g.

        "babel": {
            "presets": [
                        "runtime": "automatic"

    Create some tests using TypeScript (.viz.tsx) or JavaScript (.viz.js or .viz.jsx):

    // my-component.viz.tsx
    import {render, unmountComponentAtNode} from 'react-dom'
    import {afterEach, beforeEach, click, describe, hover, test} from 'viz'
    import MyComponent from './my-component'
    describe('my-component', () => {
        beforeEach(async () => {
            // Setup before each my-component test...
        afterEach(async (target) => {
            // Clean up after each my-component test
        test('basic', async target => {
            // Asynchronously render inside the target DOM node
            await new Promise<void>(resolve => {
                    <MyComponent />,
            // Return the DOM node for Viz to screenshot
            return target.firstChild
        test('disabled', async target => {
            await new Promise<void>(resolve => {
                    <MyComponent disabled/>,
            // Return the DOM node for Viz to screenshot
            return target.firstChild
            // Override the screenshot viewports specified in describe()
        }, [[320, 568], [1024, 768]])
        test('focus', async target => {
            await new Promise<void>(resolve => {
                    <MyComponent />,
                    async () => {
                        // Trigger focus state
                        await click('.MyComponent')
        test('hover', async target => {
            await new Promise<void>(resolve => {
                    <MyComponent />,
                    async () => {
                        // Trigger hover state
                        await hover('.MyComponent')
        // Optional screenshot viewports [width, height] (defaults to [1280, 1024])
    }, [[320, 568], [768, 1024], [1024, 768], [1280, 768]])

    Generate baseline screenshots:

    npx viz baseline

    Test your UI:

    npx viz test


    Viz generates and compares screenshots of your UI components using Puppeteer. Integrated into your CI/CD workflow, this allows you to detect unexpected visual changes to your UI and prevent visual regressions making it to production.

    CLI usage

    Command Description
    viz compile Compile all test cases.
    viz baseline Take baseline screenshots.
    viz test Run viz tests, taking screenshots and comparing them against the baseline.
    viz help Get help.

    viz baseline options

    Option Description
    --missing Only take baseline screenshots that don’t yet exist.
    --suite SUITE-1 SUITE-2 Only run specified suites.
    --skip-compile Don’t compile test. (Assumes they’ve been compiled.)

    Debugging tests in the browser

    If any of your screenshots aren't being generated as expected, you can run them individually in a browser.

    1. Compile the tests:
      npx viz compile
    2. Start a web server (on port 8080, for example):
      npx serve -l 8080 node_modules/viz
    3. Open http://localhost:8080/bin/runner.html in your browser.
    4. Open your browser's JavaScript console.
    5. Run the test by suite name and test name, e.g.
      viz.runTest('my-component', 'basic')

    Viz will render your test and, from there, you can inspect it.


    Viz can be configured via the first of the following files found in your project's root:

    • viz.json
    • .vizrc
    • .viz.js
    • viz.js

    Valid configuration options are as follows:

    Option Description Default
    chromeExecutablePath Path to external Chrome executable
    concurrentLimit Number of browsers to run in parallel 1
    defaultViewportWidth Default viewport width in pixels 1024
    defaultViewportHeight Default viewport height in pixels 1080
    viewportScale Viewport scale 1
    outputPath Output path for screenshots .viz/out
    testReportOutputDir Path for test reports .viz/out/report
    testFilePath Path to search for test files Current working directory
    testFilePattern File extension (or array of file extensions) of test files [".viz.js", ".viz.jsx", ".viz.tsx"]
    testRunnerHtml Optional custom HTML page in which tests should be executed
    tmpDir Optional custom directory to store temporary files .viz/tmp in the current working directory
    threshold Image matching threshold from 0 to 1 (smaller is more sensitive) 0
    includeAA Whether to disable detecting and ignoring anti-aliased pixels false
    babel Babel configuration {presets: ['@babel/preset-env', '@babel/preset-typescript']}
    sourceMaps Whether to include source maps in the build false

    NOTE: If chromeExecutablePath isn't specified, Viz tries to find an installation of Chrome and may fail to do so.

    Additional features

    Padding around screenshots

    To add padding to a screenshot, wrap the target element in an element with padding. The screenshot will automatically inherit the parent element's padding without having to fill it horizontally.


    • Tests
    • Improve documentation
    • Example repository


    Viz is a permanent fork of Vizard, by Streamotion.


    npm i viz

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