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    Utility CSS

    Simple and easy to use utilities CSS, inspired by tailwindcss, but the tailwindcss is more complex and verbose to use. This only focused on wrap the most common used css into class name. Most of them is steal from Bootstrap utilities.

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    npm install utilities-css

    Or from CDN

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet">



    The naming is display-{value}, {value} is one of none, inline, inline-block, block, table, table-row, table-cell, flex, inline-flex, grid.

    <div class="display-block">some text</div>


    Beware the float utilities have no effect on flex items. float-{value}, {value} is one of left, right, none.

    <div class="float-left">some text</div>


    The naming is position-{value}, {value} is one of static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky.

    <div class="position-relative">some text</div>


    The naming is visible or invisible.

    <div class="invisible">some text</div>


    The naming as blow

    • overflow-{value}, {value} is one of visible, hidden, scroll, auto
    • overflow-{x|y}-{value}, {value} is one of visible, hidden, scroll, auto
    <div class="overflow-hidden">some text</div>
    <div class="overflow-x-hidden">some text</div>


    The naming is z-{value}, {value} for 0|10|20|30|40|50|auto

    <div class="z-10">some text</div>


    The classes are naming using the format {property}{sides}-{size}

    The {property} is one of:

    • m for classes that set margin
    • p for classes that set padding

    Where {sides} is one of:

    • t for classes that set margin-top or padding-top
    • b for classes that set margin-bottom or padding-bottom
    • l for classes that set margin-left or padding-left
    • r for classes that set margin-right or padding-right
    • x for classes that set both _-left and _-right
    • y for classes that set both _-top and _-bottom
    • blank for classes that set a margin or padding on all 4 sides of the element

    Where {size} is one of:

    • 0 for classes that eliminate the margin or padding by setting it to 0
    • 1 for classes that set the margin or padding to $spacer * .25
    • 2 for classes that set the margin or padding to $spacer * .5
    • 3 for classes that set the margin or padding to $spacer
    • 4 for classes that set the margin or padding to $spacer * 1.5
    • 5 for classes that set the margin or padding to $spacer * 3
    • auto for classes that set the margin to auto

    the $spacer default 1rem


    <!-- mt-0 set the element margin-top with 0 value -->
    <div class="mt-0">some text</div>
    <!-- px-0 set the element padding left and right with 0 value -->
    <div class="px-0">some text</div>
    <!-- mx-auto set the element margin left and right with auto value -->
    <div class="mx-auto">some text</div>


    The shadow utility copied from bootstrap.

    • shadow-none
    • shadow-sm
    • shadow
    • shadow-lg


    The border default width is 1px solid #6c757d

    • border
    • border-top
    • border-right
    • border-bottom
    • border-left

    Border style:

    • border-solid
    • border-dashed
    • border-dotted
    • border-none

    Border width:

    • .border-{0|1|2|3|4|5}
    • .border-{top|right|bottom|left}-{0|1|2|3|4|5}

    Border radius:

    • rounded
    • rounded-{sm|lg} radius size
    • rounded-{top|right|bottom|left}
    • rounded-{top|right|bottom|left}-{sm|lg}
    • rounded-circle circle
    • rounded-0 no radius


    • w-{25|50|75|100|auto} for width 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and auto
    • h-{25|50|75|100|auto} for height 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and auto
    • mw-100 set the max-width 100%
    • mh-100 set the max-height 100%
    • w-100 set width 100%
    • h-100 set height 100%
    • wh-100 set both the with and height 100%


    Support most features of flex layout and let user quickly manage the layout, alignment and more of control. steal from Bootstrap flex utilities.

    • flex direction
      • flex-row
      • flex-row-reverse
      • flex-column
      • flex-column-reverse
    • flex wrap
      • flex-wrap
      • flex-nowrap
      • flex-wrap-reverse
    • flex grow and shrink
      • flex-fill
      • flex-grow-0
      • flex-grow-1
      • flex-shrink-0
      • flex-shrink-1
    • justify content
      • justify-content-start
      • justify-content-end
      • justify-content-center
      • justify-content-between
      • justify-content-around
    • align items
      • align-items-start
      • align-items-end
      • align-items-center
      • align-items-baseline
      • align-items-stretch
    • align content
      • align-content-start
      • align-content-end
      • align-content-center
      • align-content-between
      • align-content-around
      • align-content-stretch
    • align self
      • align-self-auto
      • align-self-start
      • align-self-end
      • align-self-center
      • align-self-baseline
      • align-self-stretch
    • other
      • flex-center (display flex and set both horizontal and vertical center)


    Other utilities

    • clearfix
    • text-center
    • list-unstyled


    • run git add .
    • run git commit -m "..."
    • run npm version major|minor|patch -m "some message %s"
    • run npm publish


    If you're interested in contributing to Utilities CSS, please read our before submitting a pull request.


    npm i utilities-css

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