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    What is it about?

    A JavaScript API that defines a friendly and browser-consistent content editable interface.

    Editable is built for block level elements containing only phrasing content. This normally means p, h1-h6, blockquote etc. elements. This allows editable to be lean and mean since it is only concerned with formatting and not with layouting.

    We made editable.js to support our vision of online document editing. Have a look at livingdocs.io.


    Via npm:

    npm install --save upfront-editable jquery

    jQuery is a peerDependency, so you need to install it alongside editable.js. You can either require('upfront-editable') or find a prebuilt file in the npm bundle dist/editable.js. The required module will automatically pick up your jQuery, while the built version expects it as a global variable.

    Plnkr Demo

    You can check out a simple demo on the website. It features a formatting toolbar and the default insert, split and merge behavior that allow to add and remove content blocks like paragraphs easily.

    Events Overview

    • focus
      Fired when an editable element gets focus.
    • blur
      Fired when an editable element loses focus.
    • selection
      Fired when the user selects some text inside an editable element.
    • cursor
      Fired when the cursor position changes.
    • change
      Fired when the user has made a change.
    • spellcheckUpdated
      Fired when the spellcheckService has updated the spellcheck highlights.
    • clipboard
      Fired for copy, cut and paste events.
    • insert
      Fired when the user presses ENTER at the beginning or end of an editable (For example you can insert a new paragraph after the element if this happens).
    • split
      Fired when the user presses ENTER in the middle of an element.
    • merge
      Fired when the user pressed FORWARD DELETE at the end or BACKSPACE at the beginning of an element.
    • switch
      Fired when the user pressed an ARROW KEY at the top or bottom so that you may want to set the cursor into the preceding or following element.
    • newline
      Fired when the user presses SHIFT+ENTER to insert a newline.

    How to use

    To make an element editable:

    var editable = new Editable()

    Example for Selection Changes

    In a selection event you get the editable element that triggered the event as well as a selection object. Through the selection object you can get information about the selection like coordinates or the text it contains and you can manipulate the selection.

    In the following example we are going to show a toolbar on top of the selection whenever the user has selected something inside of an editable element.

    editable.selection((editableElement, selection) => {
      if (!selection) return toolbar.hide()
      // get coordinates relative to the document (suited for absolutely positioned elements)
      const coords = selection.getCoordinates()
      // position toolbar
      const top = coords.top - toolbar.outerHeight()
      const left = coords.left + (coords.width / 2) - (toolbar.outerWidth() / 2)
      toolbar.css({top, left}).show()

    Dive Deeper

    We haven't got around to make this documentation comprehensive enough. In the meantime you can find the API methods in src/core.js and the default implementation in src/default-behavior.js.

    To find out what you can do with the the editable.js cursor and selection objects see src/cursor.js and src/selection.js.



    # install node dependencies
    npm install


    # livereload server with demo app
    npm start
    # run tests with karma on Headless Chrome
    npm run test:karma
    # run tests with karma on Headless Chrome and rerun on changes
    npm run test:watch
    # run tests in Chrome, Firefox and Safari
    npm run test:karma:all
    # javascript linting (configuration in .eslintrc)
    npm run lint
    # run tests and build editable.js
    npm run build


    editable.js is licensed under the MIT License.


    npm i upfront-editable

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