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    Wrapper for unar and lsar command line tool. It allows you to unpack a lot of formats: zip, zipx, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2, lzma, ... complete list


    Installation avaiable for Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu and other Linuxes: see here. Window users can use a 'portable' version of Unarchiver: just copy the three files Foundation.1.0.dll, unar.exe and lsar.exe to the root of your node app.


    import unpackAll from 'unpack-all';
    // list only:
    unpackAll.list(archiveFile<String>, options<Object>, callback<function>);
    // or list sync:
    const res = await unpackAll.listSync(archiveFile<String>, options<Object>);
    // unpack:
    unpackAll.unpack(archiveFile<String>, options<Object>, callback<function>);
    // or unpack sync:
    const files = await unpackAll.unpackSync(archiveFile<String>, options<Object>);


    Example: unpack file

    import unpackAll from 'unpack-all';
          targetDir: 'out' 
        (err, files, text) => {
           if (err) return console.error(err);
           if (files) console.log('files', files);
           if (text) console.log('text', text);

    Example: list content

    import unpackAll from 'unpack-all';
    function cb(err, files, text) {
        if (err) return console.error(err);
        console.log('files', files);
    unpackAll.list('test/abc.rar', {}, cb);


    Key Possible values Comment
    quiet true/false (default) true will reduce logging for unpacking
    targetDir <String> The directory to write the contents of the archive to. Defaults to the current directory.
    randomTargetSubDir true/false (default) If true, a random subfolder will created for each unpack operation in target dir.
    forceOverwrite true/false (default) if null, tmp dir will created automatically
    forceDirectory true/false/undefined Always create a containing directory for the contents of the unpacked archive. By default, a directory is created if there is more than one top-level file or folder.
    noDirectory true/false/undefined Never create a containing directory for the contents of the unpacked archive.
    noRecursion true/false/undefined Do not attempt to extract archives contained in other archives. For instance, when unpacking a .tar.gz file, only unpack the .gz file and not its contents.
    copyTime true/false/undefined Copy the file modification time from the archive file to the containing directory, if one is created.
    password <String> The password to use for decrypting protected archives.
    passwordEncoding <String> The encoding to use for the password for the archive, when it is not known. If not specified, then either the encoding given by the -encoding option or the auto-detected encoding is used.
    encoding <String> The encoding to use for filenames in the archive, when it is not known. If not specified, the program attempts to auto-detect the encoding used. Use "help" or "list" as the argument to give


    npm i unpack-all

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