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A powerful, easy-to-use, configurable charting and data visualization library for Unity. Support line charts, bar charts, pie charts, radar charts, scatter charts, heatmaps, gauge, ring charts and other common charts.


  • Rich built-in examples and templates, parameter visualization configuration, effect real-time preview, pure code drawing.
  • Support line charts, bar charts, pie charts, radar charts, scatter charts, heatmaps, gauge charts, ring charts and other common charts.
  • Support line graph, curve graph, area graph, step graph, etc.
  • Support parallel bar chart, stack bar chart, stack percentage bar chart, zebra bar chart, etc.
  • Support for ring chart, rose chart and other pie chart.
  • Support broken line graph - bar graph, scatter graph - broken line graph, etc.
  • Support solid line, curve, ladder line, dotted line, dot line, dot line, double point line and other lines.
  • Support custom theme, built-in theme switching.
  • support custom chart content drawing, drawing points, line, curve, triangle, quadrilateral, circle, ring, sector, border, arrow and other drawing API.
  • support interactive operations such as data filtering, view zooming and detail display on PC and mobile terminals.
  • support 10,000-level big data rendering.


  • Unity2017.4.27f1
  • .Net 3.5
  • macOS 10.15.4


  • This project was developed under Unity 2017.4.27f1 and .net 3.5, tested normally on Unity 5, Unity 2018 and Unity 2019. It can theoretically run on any version that supports UGUI.

  • Download the source code or unitypackage to import into your project. If Unity version are 2018.3 or above, it is recommended to import packages through Package Manager:

    1. Open the manifest.json file under Packages directory and add under dependencies:
    1. Going back to Unity, it may take 3 to 5 minutes to download.
    2. If you want to delete XCharts, just delete the content added in step 1.
    3. If you want to update XCharts, open manifest.json file , delete the content about com.monitor1394.xcharts under lock, it will download anagain. Also can check For update in components-> XCharts -> Check For Update.
  • Add a chart in Editor quickly:

    1. In Hierarchy, right-click menu XChart->LineChart.
    2. In unity menu bar, Component->XCharts->LineChart.
    3. In Inspector,Add Component->LineChart.
    4. Then a simple line chart is done.
    5. In Inspector you can adjust the parameters of components, and in Game will feedback the adjustment effect in realtime 。the detail of parameters go to see: XCharts配置项手册.
  • See more examples of code dynamic control: 教程:5分钟上手XCharts .



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