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A companion utility to ud for exposing new values from hot module replacements as Kefir streams. It's split out from ud only to avoid making ud require a Kefir peer dependency.


udKefir(module, value, key?)

This library exposes itself as a single function. Like ud's functions, the first argument must be a module object, and the last parameter is an optional key. This function may only be used once per module with a given key. On the first run, a Kefir property containing the given value will be returned. On future reloads, the original property will be updated to emit the new value, and the property will be returned.

Be careful that module replacements do not add new listeners to the property each time (at least not without old listeners unsubscribing themselves), because the old listeners still persist.


Value stream

udKefir can be used to keep already constructed resources up-to-date. Here's an example of udKefir being used to keep a stylesheet set to the latest value (assuming a transform such as brfs is used to allow the css file to be bundled).

var udKefir = require('ud-kefir');
var fs = require('fs');
var cssContent = udKefir(module, fs.readFileSync(__dirname+'/foo.css', 'utf8'));
function addStylesheet() {
  if (document.getElementById('foo_stylesheet')) {
    throw new Error('Stylesheet was already added');
  var stylesheet = document.createElement('style'); = 'foo_stylesheet';
  cssContent.onValue(function(css) {
    stylesheet.textContent = css;
module.exports = addStylesheet;

Whenever the above module is reloaded (because its own file or any of its dependencies like "foo.css" were updated), the cssContent stream emits a new value.

Function stream

Say you have this code in a file:

var getUserInputStream = require('./get-user-input-stream');
getUserInputStream().log('user input');

Now you want to be able to live code your getUserInputStream function as you refine it. You might first reach for ud's defn function to define an updatable function, but it would not help here because getUserInputStream is only called once!

Instead, the solution is to have getUserInputStream use flatMapLatest over an updatable stream of implementation functions, allowing it to switch under the covers to the latest implementation as soon as a new one is available:

// get-user-input-stream.js
var Kefir = require('kefir');
var udKefir = require('ud-kefir');
var implementationStream = udKefir(module, implementation);
function implementation() {
  return Kefir.fromEvents(document.body, 'keydown')
    .map(function(event) {
      switch(event.which) {
        case 37: return 'left';
        case 38: return 'up';
        case 39: return 'right';
        case 40: return 'down';
function getUserInputStream() {
  return implementationStream.flatMapLatest(function(implementation) {
    return implementation();
module.exports = getUserInputStream;

Any changes to the implementation function, such as to increase the types of keys it listens to or even to add other events for it to listen to besides keydown, will be immediately reflected in the running program.


Both TypeScript and Flow type definitions for this module are included! The type definitions won't require any configuration to use.


npm i ud-kefir

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