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    Requirements: Node v5+ / NPM 3+

    Provides NPM scripts for building ES6 projects using Babel for all TyphonJS NPM modules and beyond.

    This NPM module uses entries defined in the build.babel entry located in .npmscriptrc or .npmscriptrc.js in the root path of a project. An optional argument may be supplied to change the entry from build.babel to <custom>.babel.

    In addition the following Babel modules are installed that are handy for ES6+ development:

    Breaking changes:

    For the latest significant changes please see the CHANGELOG.

    For a comprehensive ES6 build / testing / publishing NPM module please see typhonjs-npm-build-test as it combines this module along with transpiling ES6 sources with Babel, pre-publish script detection, ESDoc dependencies, testing with Mocha / Istanbul and an Istanbul instrumentation hook for JSPM / SystemJS tests. For a full listing of all TyphonJS NPM script modules available please see typhonjs-node-npm-scripts organization on GitHub.

    To configure the build script provide this entry in package.json scripts entry:

      "devDependencies": {
        "typhonjs-npm-scripts-build-babel": "^0.7.0"
      "scripts": {
        "build": "babel-node ./node_modules/typhonjs-npm-scripts-build-babel/scripts/build.js <optional custom build entry>"

    .npmscriptrc must be defined in the root path and contain a JSON formatted object hash build with a babel hash with the following options:

    (string)          source - The source directory.
    (string)          destination - The destination directory.
    (Array<string>)   options - An array of optional parameters which are appended to the invocation of Babel. Please
                                run `./node_modules/.bin/babel --help` for all available options.

    Please note that you need a .babelrc file in the root path for Babel configurations. Or you can provide any of these runtime options in the options entry.

    Optionally in the build hash additional actions to complete after transpiling are available that are executed in the order described below.

    Add a copy hash entry to copy files or directories. The copy entry must be an array of object hashes with the following options:

    (string)          source - The source file or directory.
    (string)          destination - The destination file or directory.

    Add a scripts hash entry to execute a series of commands / scripts. The scripts entry must be an array of strings to execute via child_process->execSync:

    (string)          A command to execute.

    Add a chmod hash entry to execute a mode change on files. The chmod entry must be an array of object hashes with the following options:

    (string)          path - A path to a file.
    (string)          mode - The new mode for the file.

    A basic configuration for transpiling ES6 NPM modules is designating the source directory and the destination directory. An example of defining these parameters in .npmscriptrc follows:

          "babel": { "source": "src", "destination": "dist" }

    The basic configuration with optional actions follows:

          "babel": { "source": "src", "destination": "dist" },
          // Copy templates
          "copy": [{ "source": "./src/templates", "destination": "./dist/templates" }],
          // Run an NPM script (defined in `package.json`).
          "scripts": ["npm run ascript"],
          // chmod the CLI entry point to executable.
          "chmod": [{ "path": "./dist/ModuleCLI.js", "mode": "755" }]

    Please note that you can add comments to .npmscriptrc and that .npmscriptrc.js is required and needs to use module.exports. Also please note that the build script performs a final sanity check to ensure that there are files / directories in the destination directory otherwise an exception is thrown.


    npm i typhonjs-npm-scripts-build-babel

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