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    Welcome Birdies ;-)

    twoBirds is a ...

    • lightweight,
    • component-based,
    • event-driven / loosely coupled,
    • vanilla

    Javascript Web Component Library that maps objects to DOM nodes or into other objects.

    twoBirds is as easy as jQuery, but on application/framework level.

    twoBirds supports all targets and web programming use cases, so using twoBirds alone you can...

    tB can completely replace your stack from the data source to the display. It is one coding style using only vanilla Javascript plus some conventions and utilities.

    twoBirds visible objects can be rendered on the server side and on the client side with minimal changes, or even be programmed to support both from the beginning.


    twoBirds strictly follows the KISS and DRY doctrines.

    The tB core can be seen as an intermediate step between a simple wrapper/helper library like jQuery and a fully fledged JS framework.

    Like the first, it has selectors for the DOM and reasonable modification methods.

    Like the latter, it incorporates a higher level abstraction scheme for application objects.

    tB is JS-linted, Jasmine tested and this package contains the complete API documentation. Technically it is the minimum possible toolkit to create an application.

    Supplementary information


    Tutorials (work in progress)

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    You can also contact me if you need a specific twoBirds plugin tailored for your needs or if a question arises.


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