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    🚀 Introduction

    Equilibrium's first decentralized application (dApp) normalizes any filetype (ie. Photoshop to .png or pdf to .jpeg) to fix any upload issues for your customers, eliminating frustration and reducing signup/import issues with your web, app or service instantly.

    TweekIT's core technology is based on the industry-leading MediaRich engine by Equilibrium Inc, which is currently powering some of the world's largest B2B portals.

    Tweekit takes full advantage of the Tweekit REST API to provide you with an easy to use visual tool to perform image transformations.

    🔧 Installation

    Get it by typing this on your terminal

    npm i tweekit-widget

    or add this script to your html file by downloading the minified version here

    🏃 Getting Started

    Once you have an account you will need Register your widget so you can generate a domain specific AppID - this just takes a moment. Click here to start the process, the only information we require is the domain where you are going to host the Widget, and your user account.

    To register your Widget you will need to enter the full domain for your site eg: once you have done so, you will be able to generate the App Token and Widget Code. You will then use the Widget code to register your Widget from your site, and the Widget API to control it.

        var tweekit = new Tweekit('#tweekit-box', {
            appId: '{ your app ID }'

    📚 Constructor & Parameters

    📌 Paremeters

    Parameter Type Value
    selector string A CSS selector that matches a single element in the HTML
    options object A set of options to configure on your tweekit widget

    📌 Options keys

    Parameter Type Value
    message string A string to display when there is no image to display in the widget.
    headers object An object of name-value pair strings to use in widget requests.
    cropOnRender boolean Whether or not to display the crop tool after render.
    cropWidth number The initial width of the crop tool.
    cropHeight number The initial height of the crop tool.
    appId string The AppId to validate your tweekit-widget use


    var options = {
        appId: '{ your app ID }',
        message: 'drop or click to upload image',
        cropWidth: 500,
        cropHeight: 500,
        cropOnRender: true,
        header: {
            'Referrer Policy': 'strict-origin-when-cross-origin'
    var tweekit = new Tweekit('#canvas0', options})

    📌 Properties

    Parameter Read Type Type Description
    Origin Read Only string The origin portion of the URL used to make all underlying API requests. It will generally be of the form [protocol]://[servername]:[port].

    Default Value: “https”//”
    Path Read Only string The path portion of the URL used for underlying API requests.

    Default Value: “https”//”
    docId Read Only number An identifier for the document currently being displayed by the widget or null if a document has not been uploaded yet.
    currentFile Read Only string The name of the file last uploaded to the widget
    tweeks Read Only object The current crop points, x1, y1, x2, y2, and zoom factor
    pageCount Read Only number The number of pages in the document last uploaded to the widget
    pageNumber Read & Write number An object of string name/value pairs to send with subsequent requests

    Default Value: 1
    backgroundColor Read & Write string In some cases, like an elliptical crop or if the result dimensions are set larger than the crop dimensions, a background may be visible, use this property to set the color, specified in HTML RGB color notation ‘#ffffff’.

    Default Value: #000000
    elliptical Read & Write boolean Whether or not the crop dimensions specify an elliptical crop as opposed to a rectangular crop.

    Default Value: false
    alpha Read & Write boolean If true apply any alpha channel to the image.

    Default Value: false
    format Read & Write string A format string for the preview image should be one of ‘gif’, ‘jpg’, or ‘png’.

    Default Value: jpg
    resultWidth Read & Write number Width of the final result image.
    resultHeight Read & Write number Height of the final result image.


    var tweekit = new Tweekit('#tweekit-box')
    var the_origin = tweekit.origin
    var the_path = tweekit.path
    console.log(`processing files to server ${ the_origin } ${ the_path }`)
    var the_current_header = tweekit.headers
    tweekit.headers = {
        'Referrer Policy': 'strict-origin-when-cross-origin'

    🔨 Methods

    getParams( asJson )

    gets format and parameters of the preview API call currently displaying an image in the widget.

    Key Type Description
    asJSON boolean Determines if the parameters are formatted as JSON or URL encoded.

    Returns: A string of formatted parameters

    addEventListener( name, listener )

    Behaves much like the standard function of the same name, but accepts custom names for the TweekIt object.

    Key Type Description
    name string Should be one of render , update or propertychange
    listener function A function to handle emitted events

    removeEventListener( name, listener )

    Behaves much like the standard function of the same name, but accepts custom names for the TweekIt object.

    Key Type Description
    name string Should be one of render , update or propertychange
    listener function or Event instance The listener instance to remove


    Resets the widget to it’s starting state


    Gives you a blob of the tweekit result

    download( filename )

    fires a download event with you desired file name

    Key Type Description
    filename string desired filename for your downloaded file

    🎉 Events


    Fired whenever a server-side render is performed with one of the REST APIs

    Key Type Description
    image blob The image element currently being managed by the widget.
    crimg node The cropped image html element.
    width number The natural width of the image managed by the widget.
    height number The natural height of the image being managed by the widget.
    isUploading boolean Whether or not the image is still being uploaded to the widget.


    Fired whenever a client-side change is performed

    Key Type Description
    points array Crop coordinates.
    zoom number Scale factor.


    Fired whenever one of the TweekIt objects properties changes

    Key Type Description
    name string Name of the property that changed.
    oldValue any Value of property before change.
    newValue any Value of the property after a change.


    npm i tweekit-widget

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