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    🧄 turnip-bot

    Scrape Reddit for the best Turnip prices in Animal Crossings: New Horizons!

    Disclaimer: Use at your own discretion. This code is licensed under the MIT license (see and is free for anyone to use or modify. All authors of this package are removed of any liabilities concerning usage of turnip-bot.

    🐗 Usage (NPM)

    npm install turnip-bot --save

    import { subscribeToNewPosts, Post } from 'turnip-bot`
    // Should the bot log its progress? It's helpful to do so.
    const verbose = true
    // Polling interval in seconds (min 20)
    const pollingInterval = 30
    // Called whenever a new post is scraped
    const onNewPost = (post:Post) => {
        console.log('Got new post')
    subscribeToNewPosts(onNewPost, pollingInterval, verbose)

    🦝 Usage (Local)

    1. Clone the repo.
    git clone
    1. Install dependencies.
    cd turnip-bot && npm install
    1. Run turnip-bot! The following will save the scraper result to ./dist/data/my_database.json every 30 seconds.
    npm run reddit my_database 30

    You can also simply call the following, which will save the scraper result to ./dist/data/reddit_database.json every 15 seconds.

    npm run reddit

    🔷 Output Shape

    The result is always returned as a Post object.


    • id (string): The unique ID of the post.
    • type ('buy'|'sell'): buy denotes that the Nooklings are buying turnips, while sell denotes that Daisy Mae is selling turnips.
    • price (number): The price of the turnips, in bells.
    • url (string): A direct link to the post.
    • title (string): The original title of the post.
    • body (string?): The unformatted body of the post.
    • poster (Poster): The original poster (OP).

    Within a Post object is an object called Poster, which contains information on the user who made the post.


    • username (string?): The OP's username on the platform the information was scraped from.
    • friendCode (string?): The OP's Nintendo Switch friend code
    • profileUrl (string?): The link to the OP's profile on the platform the information was scraped from.
    • acName (string?): The OP's name in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
    • acIslandName (string?): The OP's island name in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


    Anthony Krivonos (Portfolio | LinkedIn)


    npm i turnip-bot

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