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A NodeJs CLI Application & Server allowing for controll of an IKEA Tradfri light.

About tradni

tradni is a CLI application and server that allows you to controll your IKEA Tradfri lights. I build this app purely to blink my light when a notification comes through on my laptop.

If you see any bugs, weird things, or want to suggest a feature, please create an issue.

Installing tradni

Make sure you've got Node installed.

Run npm install --global tradni, make sure it's a global install, so you can use the tradni command.

Run tradni gateway <your tradfri gateway's IP> <the gateways security code, found on the bottom>

Once that's configured, run tradni server to get the server up and running, then tradni list to see all your installed lights.

Pick the light you want to mess with, and run tradni select <light id>.

Now mess around with all the tradni commands!

Thank you <3

Thank you to AlCalzone for creating the fabulous (and still maintained) node-tradfri-client, which powers tradni.

Thank you to Márton Papp / Morzzz0007 for creating (the now unmaintained) node-tradfri which I borrowed code from to make the gateway set up not a pain.


npm i tradni

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