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TOMO privacy wallet's apis


  • keys: private spend key, private view key, public spend key, public view key.
  • UTXO: Unspent transaction output - result of a privacy transaction.
  • G: secp256k1 base point
  • H: secp256k1 generator point(there is an unknown x: H = x*G)
  • Blinding factor: random Big Integer used as input for Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman
  • Mask: random Big Integer, used as input for Pederson commitment for hiding value
  • Privacy address: privacy's address
  • Pederson commitment: Pederson commitment is cryptographic commitment scheme equivalent to secretly writing a secret message m in a sealed, tamper-evident, individually numbered (or/and countersigned) envelope kept by who wrote the message. The envelope's content can't be changed by any means, and the message does not leak any information. Formula = G*Mask + value*H .
  • Bullet proof: Range proofs is a type of zero-knowledge proof used for proving that a secret is within a value range without revealing the precise value of the secret. Bulletproofs is a new non-interactive zero-knowledge proof protocol with very short proofs and without a trusted setup; the proof size is only logarithmic in the witness size. Bulletproofs are especially well suited for efficient range proofs on committed values: they enable proving that a committed value is in a range using only (2 logn + 9) group and field elements, where n is the bit length of the range. Proof generation and verification times are linear in n.
  • Transaction public key: equal r * G
  • Stealth Address: in other word - oneTimeAddress - random address just able to be decoded by owner's privatekey, in tomoprivacy - oneTimeAddress is for one UTXO
  • RingCT: ring confidental transaction protocol, base on Cryptonote's with modifying for tomochain only

Additional requests/features please contact anhnt@tomochain.com

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  • Finish high-level apis that able to interact with smart-contracts and precompiled contracts on test net includes ringct, deposit, balance, privatesend and withdraw
  • Integrated to tomowallet web and integrated bullet proof, demo on testnet
  • Total hide the transaction signer on private send and withdraw
  • Integrate to Maxbet, standardlize the transaction flow for Dapp.



  • Unit test - done
  • End to end test on tomochain testnet - cover main flow deposit, withdraw, sendtoprivate




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