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Brought to you by codedungeon

npm link https://www.npmjs.com/package/todo-webpack-plugin


Webpack Plugin to generate TODO report (markdown, json, xml or text format) and optionally to stdout (console)

Getting Started

  1. Install plugin

    $ npm i -D todo-webpack-plugin

  2. Import plugin into webpack.config.js

    var TodoWebpackPlugin = require('todo-webpack-plugin');

    or ES6

    import TodoWebpackPlugin from 'todo-webpack-plugin'

  3. Add plugin to plugin section of webpack.config.js

    // configure plugin to send output to console in addition to default file
    plugins: [
      new TodoWebpackPlugin({
        console:  true,
    // configure plugin to create output file
    plugins: [
      new TodoWebpackPlugin({
        console:  true,
        // tags:              ['error','info'], // default will be TODO, FIXME
        // reporter:          'json',           // default `markdown`
        // filename:          'todo.json',      // default `TODO.md`
        // skipUnsupported:   true,             // skip unsupported files
        // suppressFileOutput false,            // suppress file output to disk
        // relativeFilePath   true ,            // display relative file paths
        // withInlineFiles    false ,           // support inline js (ie Vue)

Plugin Options

variable        type          default          description
tags               array      todo, fixme      list of optional objects to watch
reporter           string     markdown         markdown | xml      | json      | text
filename           string     TODO.md          TODO.md  | todo.xml | todo.json | todo.txt
console            boolean    true             output report to console ( true | false )
skipUnsupported    boolean    true             skip unsupported files ( true | false )
suppressFileOutput boolean    false            suppress output file to disk
relativeFilePaths  boolean    true             display relative file paths ( true | false )

Things To Know

These are some things I figured you should know (this will be expanded)

  • Plugin ignores node_modules globally (ala ESLint)

  • Plugin uses leasot internally

  • Project inspired by gulp-todo

  • you can run tests (note: tests incomplete at the moment, just placeholder) $ npm test

  • you can run linting $ npm run lint


todo-webpack-plugin written by Mike Erickson

E-Mail: codedungeon@gmail.com

Twitter: @codedungeon

Website: codedungeon.io


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