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    Titanium Virtual DOM

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    Virtual DOM abstraction which serves as the connecting piece to integrate Angular and Vue.js with Titanium.

    Development guide

    This project uses the karma-titanium-launcher to run unit tests. Simply run npm run test:unit to start Karma and test on an iOS simulator and Android emulator. Results will be shown in the app itself as well as reported to the console and coverage data gets written to the coverage directory.

    For a rapid TDD setup you can use npm run test:dev and Karma will watch for any changes to the source and test files and schedule a new test run everytime. No coverage data will be written in this configuration.


    Open source contributions are greatly appreciated! If you have a bugfix, improvement or new feature, please create an issue first and submit a pull request against master.

    Getting Help

    This is a supporting library to integrate Angular and Vue.js with Titanium. If you have questions about this library in combination with either Angular or Vue.js, feel free to reach out on Stackoverflow or the corresponding channels #titanium-angular or titanium-vue on TiSlack. In case you find a bug related to this library, create a new issue or open a new JIRA ticket.


    Apache License, Version 2.0


    npm i titanium-vdom

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