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    Table of contents

    How to install

    You can use this project like template. To do this, you need press button "Use this template".

    Or clone repository and go to the project folder.

    git clone https://github.com/awibox/react-redux-app-boilerplate.git ProjectName
    cd ProjectName

    Then you should install required dependencies.

    yarn install

    Initializing the package

    The first step is to initialize your package. You should execute following command:

    npm init

    And fill in the required fields (package name, version, license). You can correct the other fields manually in the package.json.

    Rename a component

    The next step is to replace the YourComponentName in the entire project with the one you need.

    Build of the package

    After writing the code you need to build the package with the following command:

    yarn  build

    Publishing a package

    To publish a package, run the command:

    npm publish

    If you are not logged in to npm you should run the command before publishing:

    npm login

    Travis CI

    You need to register on the Travis CI and connect the repository.


    You need to register on the Coveralls and connect the repository.

    Badges in the README.md

    For badges to work you need to change the repository name in the link and image paths.

    Community profile

    Don't forget to edit files such as CONTRIBUTING.md and CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md.


    Please read through our CONTRIBUTING.md.


    npm i test-pack-lib

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