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    A cypher browser based on sigmajs, and much more !


    What can I do with tank-browser

    The main purpose of this project is to simplify the creation of a graph visualisation for neo4j. To do that, I have develop a modular library based on SigmaJS, that is plug & play.

    It's just a sigmaJS plugin collection with a good integration and a neo4j interaction.

    On the top of this library, I have made a browser for neo4j. I have almost the same functionality of the native neo4j browser.

    How to use it

    To immediate browse your neo4j database

    To generate a custom graph of your database

    • take a look at examples

    To make a custom neo4j browser

    • take a look at the example directory with the configure-browser.html example

    Code code code

    • Just add into your code the tank-browser.min.js
    • Initiate a tank instance like this :
    var myTank = new tank( {
        query: {
            query: 'MATCH (n) OPTIONAL MATCH (n)-[r]->(m) RETURN n,r,m LIMIT 50'
        neo4j : {
            url : 'http://localhost:7474',
            user: 'neo4j',
            password: 'admin'
        plugins: ['data', 'sigma_dragnode'] 

    @see the configuration file to know how how to configure it !

    How to build

    • You should have npm & gulp installed on your computer
    • Clone the repository https://github.com/sim51/tank-browser
    • Make : npm install
    • Make : gulp
    • Open your browser to the following url : http://localhost:8001/

    NB: you must have a neo4j server running. You can configure the location of your server on the config panel.


    • discover module : choice of edge direction ?
    • saving data into local storage ?
    • export the generate graph as an embedded object ?
    • adding documentation on how to setting it up


    npm i tank-browser

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