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Form-ready dependency-less tagging.



npm install taggle --save


bower install taggle --save

How it works

Taggle allows you to create tag fields within your forms, to allow for easy and optionally restricted, input from your users.

Each tag contains an hidden input with a configurable name of taggles[] by default so when taggle is inserted in a form, your server can easily read each item and continue accordingly. Taggle is highly customizable with your own css, or you can optionally use the included assets to start your own project.

Taggle also contains a simple API for you to easily hook in to your favorite autocomplete libraries.

How-To Demo

CSS styling

Minimal Styling Example

The project includes a starter CSS file as seen in the link above to get you started quickly with integrating things into your site. It is highly recommended that you customize this to the needs of your site. See the example folder for more styles.

Support for older IE

Taggle comes with optional polyfills in order to add support for IE8 and IE9. If you want to support IE8, add the scripts on your page in this order:

IE8 Support

  • taggle-ie8.js
  • taggle-ie9.js
  • taggle.js

IE9 Support

  • taggle-ie9.js
  • taggle.js

Building minified version

After cloning the repo you can build minified versions of the library by:

  • npm install
  • grunt build


MIT © Sean Coker


npm i taggle

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