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    tacer CircleCI

    Create your own template and hide all bundling details.


    'Tacer' means 'to be silent' in Interlingua. What tacer does is making bundling process silent or invisible.

    If you've used create-react-app, you must be suprised by its bundling process. You don't need install babel, webpack or rollup mannually. The only thing you should do you run npm start

    Now, use tacer to create your own scaffold. All the bundling configures should be written once and used anywhere. Your project folder becomes simple and clear if webpack.config.js, rollup.config.js or jest.config.js are not in the folder.

    How To Use

    Install globally

    npm install -g tacer
    tacer react path/to/project
    tacer https://github.com/IdanLoo/tacer-template-react path/to/project

    Via npx

    npx tacer react path/to/project
    npx tacer https://github.com/IdanLoo/tacer-template-react path/to/project


    tacer <template> [path]
    • template: required, a package name or a git repository url.

      tacer always assume template is named with prefix tacer-template-, so it tries to download tacer-template-react if a react given.

      There are some out-of-box templates now.

      • react: React + TypeScript + Jest + styled-components
      • koa: Koa + TypeScript + Jest
      • lib: A library template for published to npmjs
      • bin: A binary template
    • path: optional

      default: process.cwd()

      The path of the new project located.

    How To Create Template

    Althought I have provided some templates, they may not satisfy you. If you'd like to create one, go ahead.

    Let's say we are going to create a template for Electron.


    The template of templates is alse a template whick called tacer-template-seed. So you can create like this

    tacer seed /path/to/tacer-template-electron

    Your will see a folder on the given path.

    NOTICE: tacer always assume the package is named with prefix tacer-template-. So if you want to create an Electron template, you need name it as tacer-template-electron.


    Create a folder named template in /path/to/tacer-template-electron and put some things (package.json, index.js, .gitignore, etc.) into it. You can just copy an existing project and rename as template.

    Handle Bundling

    You may notice there is a scripts folder in /path/to/tacer-template-electron. Each script in this folder exports one function which can be called by tacer-script.

    Add "start": "tacer-script start" and "build": "tacer-script build" scripts into template/package.json. You can add other commands as you like which provided in the scripts folder.

    See more details in above templates.


    How could we know if the template works? Add a devDependency to the template.

    npm install --save-dev file:..
    // or
    yarn add -D file:..

    So that you can try npm start, npm build or other commands provided in the tacer-template-electron

    Have Fun!


    npm i tacer

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