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1.2.11 • Public • Published

swim-dev 1.1.8

Change Log


  • js standard and js beautify now on board. You can run these easily by simply using swim-dev --clean --validate


  • modified draw cycle, so that element declares state dirty on draw, and no longer clocked to 166ms.
  • fixed an issue where our provided debug was messing with SocketJS.

Swim CLI, the easiest way to build Swim Apps.


This tool currently supports

  • Web
  • Android (java)
  • iOS (xcode)
  • Other


  • Supports LESS
  • Supports SASS
  • Generates index.html Fixture from EJS
  • Packages Bower modules using 'require'
  • Packages NPM modules
  • Supports a number of loader formats out of the box (raw, image, style)
  • Self contained dependencies, build tools do not need to mingle with your project
  • Dev server with Hot Reload (no browser refresh)
  • Support for ES6
  • Tree Shaking
  • Provides: jQuery, LoDash, Material Design Lite, Font Awesome, Material Icons
  • Sugar around the Swim Client API with Web Workers



Creates a development server, with hot reload. Currently does not spin up a Swim services server (todo).

swim-dev --serve
  • Change Ports by using the --port=8081 flag. Default port is 8080


Builds the project for distribution.

swim-dev --build

run code beautifer

swim-dev --clean

run code linter

swim-dev --validate


  • Standard Collection of Swim supported libraries and components
  • Allows bower and npm module usage with project
  • Bundle Images, Style, Modules togther!
  • Easy to use!
  • Comes with a large number of base libraries, Swim Project has a clean and clear dependency chain
  • More to come!


  • Support JSX with a JSX to inline function transform

getting started

Download and install Swim Dev Tools. Currently available on NPM. Requires NodeJS 6.x.x

npm install swim-dev-tools -g

The swim-dev command should now be available at the command line.

short cuts

Extra sugar to help you get around your project faster

  • $project_dir/components/$name_of_component is short handed to components/$name_of_component
  • $project_dir/store is short handed to store

provided modules / swim-dev injected

Double Unders are used in Swim-Dev. These Double Unders allow Swim-Dev to instance needed libraries.

__material__ // include material design lite in the project.

__fontawesome__ // include font awesome with the project.

You can get the debug status of the app. This pattern is for compatibility with other libraries that complain about our injection.

var isDebug = debug('app-name')();

Third Party Library

$() // jquery
moment // moment
// lodash
Router // a router instance from the Director Library
Script // script loader Script(url);
Lawnchair // lawnchair library
d3 // d3 visualization library
c3 // chart library

Swim inspired additions to the framework

Swim // swim-client
Recon // recon data library
tag // swim sugared X-Tag implimentation
Draw // swim draw manager can be used stand-alone
Store // swim flux store with webworker integration, sugars swim-client
Dispatcher // swim flux dispatcher


  • When creating new controls using Material Design Lite when you add a Ripple, also remove Ripple events by adding mdl-js-ripple-effect--ignore-events to the HTML element's class list.


Built with webpack, and a number of open source webpack modules.




npm i swim-dev-tools

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