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    JSLib (npm) by Sv443

    A multi-purpose, lightweight and dependency-free JavaScript library that makes coding faster by providing many easy to use functions and classes
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    Enter this in your command line to download JSLib:

    npm i svjsl

    Then, import it in your script like this:

    const jsl = require("svjsl");

    These are some of the features JSLib offers:

    > Create a dynamic, interactive menu prompt directly in the command line:

    Menu Prompt

    > Or create a progress bar:

    Progress Bar

    > Other features include:

    • Download files from the internet
    • Generate random numbers based on a seed (same input seed = same numbers every time)
    • Transform numbers to other numerical ranges
    • Add some color to your console output
    • Generate UUIDs with many pre-built numerical systems and even custom ones

    ...and many more! You can check out the full list here.

    > > You can find the full JSLib documentation here < <

    If you need any help, feel free to join my Discord server and I will help you as soon as possible:

    Discord Invite

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