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    SUCCSS, a CSS Regression testing tool

    What is succss ?

    Succss is a command line tool built to find image-based differences between website updates. Succss relies on npm and is installed globally.

    Get it with the following command:

    npm install -g succss

    First, write a configuration file where captures are defined from css selectors, additional actions and/or other options can be specified. Then capture or update image references:

    succss add configuration.js

    When your website is updated, you will be able to compare its current state to previously added references, running:

    succss check configuration.js

    If at least one difference is found, you will be notified and a corresponding screenshot will be generated:

    large diff image example

    Among other things, Succss has features to achieve advanced comparisons with custom user input, it can also hide elements before captures and compare similar selectors rendering across multiple pages and/or viewports.

    Read the documentation:

    Fork the documentation:

    large diff image example

    Discover a new way to test websites, automagically.

    Built with:


    npm i succss

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