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    Subvertise is an open-source response to the recent bill repealing FCC privacy controls for the internet.

    If ISPs can sell your browsing data to advertisers, what value will that data have if it's full of false-visits?

    How it works

    Subvertise just runs in the background, randomly visiting a list of random (but safe) websites for random amounts of time.

    You can modify the list of websites to add some spice to it.

    When ISPs sell your browsing history, they'll be selling a large list of random websites, with your actual visits mixed in. Advertisers won't know what you're really visiting, foiling their sinister plans.

    Install and Run


    If you'd like to run Subvertise manually, then you'll need to clone the repository, run npm install and npm start.

    Windows Installer

    So far I've only created a Windows installer for release v1.1.2.

    Just download the setup file and run it. You'll need to run it as "Administrator" on Windows 7.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does this load whole websites instead of just a URL?

    If Subvertise just hit instead of loading the page, then all the other domains (cdns, ads, etc) would not be loaded, and ISPs would know this wasn't a legitimate visit.

    So, it loads the whole page to fool em good.

    Doesn't this generate a lot of wasted traffic?

    You betcha! What's your privacy worth to you? Unless you pay per MB (and very few people do), this shouldn't be much of a concern. It's not streaming video or downloading huge files.


    npm i subvertise

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