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    📦 NPM Package Template 📦

    Test suite Build Status JavaScript Style Guide Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. GitHub

    Minimal tested and fully functional NPM package template project for ES6+ Javascript.

    About this package

    This template is intended to allow you to start developing immediatly with a working set of tools and scripts that play well together.

    It is little opinionated to the point, that only the most basic tools are integrated. If you want a different flavour you can fork this project and easily replace the tools or add new ones.

    Which tools are used?

    All tools are only defined as dev-dependencies:

    Getting started

    Just create your Js files in the ./lib folder and add the tests in the test folder.

    Code Quality

    We use standard as opinionated but zero-config linter. You can run lint in two modes:

    $ npm run lint
    lint with auto fixing
    $ npm run lint:fix

    Run the tests

    We use mocha and chai with a mostly (but not strict) behavioural style for testing. You can run the tests in three different contexts:

    Single run
    $ npm run test
    Watch mode
    $ npm run test:watch
    $ npm run test:coverage


    Documentation is using jsDoc and is available as html or markdown version.

    To build the documentation in development, you need to run

    $ npm run docs


    MIT, see license file


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