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The Strat Coordination Language

Strat is a language to represent and deploy portable cloud systems. Build event and web components in plain "computation languges" like Javascript and Go then write Strat code to hook your components together to form a system. Strat "compiles" your system into serverless functions, custom user roles, and other infrastructure components.

The first "infrastructure as high level code" language Strat represents an evolutionary leap over tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, and Serverless Framework by building infrastructure components with a compiler. Strat's compiler can optimize your system to be faster, more secure, and cheaper to host than you could likely build by hand--just how compilers like gcc and javac do for the rest of the software world.

Read the full documentation here

Strat is early in development but is production ready for the adventurous. If you're interested in contributing to or using Strat, please contact the team--we greatly appreciate the early user connections.


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