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Storybook Addon Pseudo States

Storybook Addon Pseudo States allows you to automatically display pseudo states (and attribute states) of a component in Storybook's preview area.

Framework Support

Framework Display States Tool-Button to show/hide
Angular + +*
React + +*
Lit + +*
HTML + +*
Vue + +*

* Could lead to sync problems with other addons, like knobs

Getting started

First of all, you need to install Pseudo States into your project as a dev dependency.

npm install storybook-addon-pseudo-states-angular --save-dev

Then, configure it as an addon by adding it to your main.js file (located in the Storybook config directory).

To display the pseudo states, you have to add specific css classes to your styling, see Styling

Then, you can set the decorator locally, see Usage.


Automatically generated with PostCss Webpack config (recommended)

Preset-Postcss adds postcss-loader to Storybook's custom webpack config.

You must also install postcss-pseudo-classes. Unfortunately, latest version is only tagged and not released. Please use at least tagged version 0.3.0

npm install postcss-pseudo-classes@0.3.0 --save-dev

Then add the preset preset-postcss to your configuration in main.js (located in the Storybook config directory):

module.exports = {
  presets: ['storybook-addon-pseudo-states-angular/preset-postcss'],

Show/Hide Toolbar-Button

You can enable a toolbar button that toggles the Pseudo States in the Preview area.

See Framework Support which Frameworks support this feature.

Enable the button by adding it to your main.js file (located in the Storybook config directory):

// main.js
module.exports = {
  addons: ['storybook-addon-pseudo-states-angular/register'],


WARNING: withPseudo should always the first element in your decorators array because it alters the template of the story.

Component Story Format (CSF, recommended)

import { withPseudo } from 'storybook-addon-pseudo-states-angular';
const section = {
  component: ButtonComponent,
  title: 'Button',
  moduleMetadata: {
    declarations: [ButtonComponent],
    imports: [CommonModule],
  decorators: [withPseudo()],
  parameters: {
    // <button> is a ViewChild of ButtonComponent
    withPseudo: { selector: 'button' },
export default section;
export const Story = () => {
  return {
    component: ButtonComponent,
    moduleMetadata: {
      declarations: [ButtonComponent],
      imports: [CommonModule],
    // ButtonComponent has same properties as props' keys
    props: {
      label: 'Test Label',
      anotherProperty: true,
export const StoryWithTemplate = () => {
  return {
    // always provide component!
    component: ButtonComponent,
    moduleMetadata: {
      entryComponents: [ButtonComponent], // required to support other addons, like knobs addon
      declarations: [ButtonComponent],
      imports: [CommonModule],
    template: `<test-button [label]="label" [anotherProperty]="anotherProperty"></test-button>`,
    props: {
      label: 'Test Label',
      anotherProperty: true,

storyOf Format

import { withPseudo } from 'storybook-addon-pseudo-states-<framework>';
storiesOf('Button', module)
    withPseudo: {
      selector: 'button', // css selector of pseudo state's host element
      pseudos: ['focus', 'hover', 'hover & focus', 'active'],
      attributes: ['disabled', 'readonly', 'error'],
  .add('Icon Button', () => <Button />);

There is a default configuration for StateComposition.


export interface PseudoStatesParameters {
  disabled?: boolean;
  // query for selector to host element[s] that have to be modified
  selector?: Selector;
  // prefix for state classes that will be added to host element
  prefix?: string;
  pseudos?: PseudoStates;
  attributes?: AttributeStates;
export type PseudoState = PseudoStateEnum | string;
export type AttributeState = AttributeStatesEnum | string;
export type PseudoStates = Array<PseudoState>;
export type AttributeStates = Array<AttributeState>;
export const PseudoStatesDefault: PseudoStates = [FOCUS, HOVER, ACTIVE];
export const AttributesStatesDefault: AttributeStates = [DISABLED];
export const AttributesStatesInputDefault: AttributeStates = [


npm i storybook-addon-pseudo-states-angular

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