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    Use case

    A webcomponent to serve a store locator via google maps.




    Classical dom injection

    You can simply download the compiled version as zip file here and inject it after needed dependencies:

    <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.1.1.min.js"></script>
    <script src="https://goo.gl/HEL97d"></script>
    <script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/googlemaps/js-marker-clusterer/gh-pages/src/markerclusterer.js"></script>
    <!--Inject downloaded file:-->
    <script src="index.compiled.js"></script>
    <!--Or integrate via cdn:
    <script src="https://goo.gl/s6wRPb"></script>

    The compiled bundle supports AMD, commonjs, commonjs2 and variable injection into given context (UMD) as export format: You can use a module bundler if you want.

    Package managed and module bundled

    If you are using npm as package manager you can simply add this tool to your package.json as dependency:

    "dependencies": {
        "storelocator": "latest",

    After updating your packages you can simply depend on this script and let a module bundler do the hard stuff or access it via an exported variable name in given context.

    import StoreLocator from 'storelocator'
    class SpecialStoreLocator extends StoreLocator...
    // or
    import {$} from 'storelocator'
    class SpecialStoreLocator extends $.StoreLocator.class ...
    // or
    StoreLocator = require('storelocator').default
    value instanceof StoreLocator
    // or
    $ = require('storelocator').$


    Adding some style to our store locator examples

    body.documentation simple-store-locator,
    body.documentation advanced-store-locator,
    body.documentation div.store-locator-with-bounds {
        width: 100%;
        height: 400px;
        margin: 0px;
        padding: 0px
    body.documentation simple-store-locator > div,
    body.documentation advanced-store-locator > div,
    body.documentation div.store-locator-with-bounds > div {
        height: 100%;
    body.documentation simple-store-locator input.form-control,
    body.documentation advanced-store-locator input.form-control,
    body.documentation div.store-locator-with-bounds input.form-control {
        margin-top: 9px;
        margin-left: 9px;
        width: 230px;
    body.documentation simple-store-locator div.gm-style-iw > div,
    body.documentation advanced-store-locator div.gm-style-iw > div,
    body.documentation div.store-locator-with-bounds div.gm-style-iw > div {
        width: 225px;
        height: 60px;
        padding: 5px;

    Load needed dependencies

    const dependenciesLoadPromise = $documentationWebsite.getScript(
    ).then(() => $.getScript('https://goo.gl/HEL97d')).then(() => $.getScript(
        'https://cdn.rawgit.com/googlemaps/js-marker-clusterer/gh-pages/src/' +
    )).then(() => $.getScript('https://goo.gl/s6wRPb'))

    Simple example

        dependenciesLoadPromise.always(() => $(
            'body simple-store-locator'
        ).StoreLocator({applicationInterface: {
            // NOTE: You should use your own google maps application interface
            // key.
            key: 'AIzaSyBAoKgqF4XaDblkRP4-94BITpUKzB767LQ'
    <simple-store-locator><input class="form-control"></simple-store-locator>

    Advanced example with all available (default) options

        dependenciesLoadPromise.always(() => $(
            'body advanced-store-locator'
            applicationInterface: {
                    'https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js' +
                    '?{1}v=3&sensor=false&libraries=places,geometry&' +
                callbackName: null,
                // NOTE: You should use your own google maps application
                // interface key.
                key: 'AIzaSyBAoKgqF4XaDblkRP4-94BITpUKzB767LQ'
            stores: {
                northEast: {latitude: 85, longitude: 180},
                southWest: {latitude: -85, longitude: -180},
                number: 100,
                generateProperties: (store) => store
            addtionalStoreProperties: {},
            iconPath: '/webAsset/image/storeLocator/',
            defaultMarkerIconFileName: null,
            startLocation: null,
            fallbackLocation: {latitude: 51.124213, longitude: 10.147705},
            ip: null,
            ipToLocation: {
                applicationInterfaceURL: '{1}://freegeoip.net/json/{2}',
                timeoutInMilliseconds: 5000,
                bounds: {
                    northEast: {latitude: 85, longitude: 180},
                    southWest: {latitude: -85, longitude: -180}
            map: {zoom: 3},
            showInputAfterLoadedDelayInMilliseconds: 500,
            input: {
                hide: {opacity: 0},
                showAnimation: [{opacity: 1}, {duration: 'fast'}]
            distanceToMoveByDuplicatedEntries: 0.0001,
            marker: {
                cluster: {
                    gridSize: 100, maxZoom: 11, imagePath:
                        'https://cdn.rawgit.com/googlemaps/' +
                icon: {
                    size: {width: 44, height: 49, unit: 'px'},
                    scaledSize: {width: 44, height: 49, unit: 'px'}
            successfulSearchZoom: 12,
            infoWindow: {
                content: null,
                additionalMoveToBottomInPixel: 120,
                loadingContent: '<div class="idle">loading...</div>'
            searchBox: 50,
            onInfoWindowOpen: $.noop,
            onInfoWindowOpened: $.noop,
            onAddSearchResults: $.noop,
            onRemoveSearchResults: $.noop,
            onOpenSearchResults: $.noop,
            onCloseSearchResults: $.noop,
            onMarkerHighlighted: $.noop
        <input class="form-control">

    Example with limited traversable area (Germany)

        dependenciesLoadPromise.always(() => {
            const bounds = {
                northEast: {latitude: 55.12, longitude: 14.89},
                southWest: {latitude: 47.32, longitude: 5.50}
            $('body div.store-locator-with-bounds').StoreLocator({
                applicationInterface: {
                    // NOTE: You should use your own google maps applciation
                    // interface key.
                    key: 'AIzaSyBAoKgqF4XaDblkRP4-94BITpUKzB767LQ'
                ipToLocation: {bounds},
                limit: {zoom: {minimum: 5}, bounds},
                map: {zoom: 5},
                stores: bounds
    <div class="store-locator-with-bounds"><input class="form-control"></div>


    • @property _options.applicationInterface - To store application interface
    • options in.
    • @property _options.applicationInterface.url - URL tor retrieve google maps
    • application interface.
    • @property _options.applicationInterface.callbackName - Global resource path
    • to callback function to trigger when google has finished loading the
    • application interface.
    • @property _options.applicationInterface.key - Application interface key to
    • authenticate against google maps application interface.
    • @property _options.stores - URL to retrieve stores, list of stores or object
    • describing bounds to create random stores within. If a "generateProperties"
    • function is given it will be called to retrieve additional properties for
    • each store. The specified store will be given to the function.
    • @property _options.additionalStoreProperties - Additional static store
    • properties which will be available to each store.
    • @property _options.iconPath - Path prefix to search for marker icons.
    • @property _options.defaultMarkerIconFileName - Specifies a fallback marker
    • icon (if no store specific icon was set). If set to "null" google will place
    • a fallback icon.
    • @property _options.startLocation - If not provided we initialize the map
    • with center in current location determined by internet protocol address. If
    • an object is given a "latitude" and "longitude" with a saved float are
    • assumed.
    • @property _options.fallbackLocation - Fallback location if automatic
    • location determination has failed.
    • @property _options.fallbackLocation.latitude - Latitude value.
    • @property _options.fallbackLocation.longitude - Longitude value.
    • @property _options.ip - If provided given ip will be used to determine
    • current location instead of automatically determined one.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface - Configuration for ip
    • to location conversion.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.bounds - Defines bounds
    • within determined locations should be. If resolved location isn't within
    • this location it will be ignored.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.bounds.northEast -
    • Defines north east bound.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.bounds.northEast
    • .latitude - North east latitude bond.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.bounds.northEast
    • .longitude - North east longitude bond.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.bounds.southWest -
    • Defined south west bound.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.bounds.southWest
    • .latitude - South east latitude bound.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.bounds.southWest
    • .longitude - South west longitude bound.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.key - Key to let the api
    • identify your service plan.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.protocol - Protocol to
    • use for api requests.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.timeoutInMilliseconds -
    • Time to wait for ip resolve. If time is up initialize on given fallback
    • location.
    • @property _options.ipToLocationApplicationInterface.url - IP to location
    • determination application interface url. {1}, {2} and {3} represents
    • currently used protocol, key and potentially given ip.
    • @property _options.map - Initial view properties.
    • @property _options.showInputAfterLoadedDelayInMilliseconds - Delay before we
    • show search input field.
    • @property _options.inputFadeInOption - Transition options to show search
    • input field.
    • @property _options.distanceToMoveByDuplicatedEntries - Distance to move if
    • stores are determined with same latitude and longitude.
    • @property _options.marker - Options passed to the marker cluster. If set to
    • "null" no marker cluster will appear.
    • @property _options.icon - Options passed to the icon.
    • @property _options.successfulSearchZoomLevel - Specifies a zoom value wich
    • will be adjusted after successfully picked a search result. If set to "null"
    • no zoom change happens.
    • @property _options.infoWindow - Info window options.
    • @property _options.infoWindow.content - Function or string returning or
    • representing the info box. If a function is given and a promise is returned
    • the info box will be filled with the given loading content and updated with
    • the resolved data. The function becomes the corresponding marker as first
    • argument and the store locator instance as second argument. If nothing is
    • provided all available data will be listed in a generic info window.
    • @property _options.infoWindow.additionalMoveToBottomInPixel - Additional
    • move to bottom relative to the marker if an info window has been opened.
    • @property _options.infoWindow.loadingContent - Content to show in the info
    • window during info window load.
    • @property _options.search - If a number is given a generic search will be
    • provided and given number will be interpret as search result precision
    • tolerance to identify a marker as search result.
    • @property _options.search.stylePropertiesToDeriveFromInputField - List of
    • cascading style properties to derive from input field and use for search
    • box.
    • @property _options.search.properties - Specify which store data should
    • contain given search text.
    • @property _options.search.maximumNumberOfResults - Limits the auto complete
    • result list.
    • @property _options.search.loadingContent - Markup to display while the
    • results are loading.
    • @property _options.search.generic - Specifies options for the additional
    • generic search to add to specific search results.
    • @property _options.search.generic.number - A tuple describing a range of
    • minimal to maximal limits of additional generic google suggestions depending
    • on number of local search results.
    • @property _options.search.generic.maximalDistanceInMeter - Range to specify
    • maximal distance from current position to search suggestions.
    • @property _options.search.generic.filter - Specifies a callback which gets a
    • relevant place to decide if the place should be included (returns a boolean
    • value).
    • @property _options.search.generic.prefer - Specifies a boolean value
    • indicating if generic search results should be the first results.
    • @property _options.search.generic.retrieveOptions - Specifies how a generic
    • place search should be done (google maps request object specification).
    • @property _options.search.content - Defines how to render the search
    • results. This can be a callback or a string returning or representing the
    • search results. If a function is given and a promise is returned the info
    • box will be filled with the given loading content and updated with the
    • resolved data. The function becomes search results as first argument, a
    • boolean value as second argument indicating if the maximum number of search
    • results was reached and the store locator instance itself as third argument.
    • If nothing is provided all available data will be listed in a generic info
    • window.
    • @property _options.search.resultAggregation - "Union" or "cut".
    • @property _options.search.normalizer - Pure function to normalize strings
    • before searching against them.
    • @property _options.onInfoWindowOpen - Triggers if a marker info window will
    • be opened.
    • @property _options.onInfoWindowOpened - Triggers if a marker info window has
    • finished opening.
    • @property _options.onAddSearchResults - Triggers before new search results
    • appears.
    • @property _options.onRemoveSearchResults - Triggers before old search
    • results will be removed.
    • @property _options.onOpenSearchResults - Triggers before search result box
    • appears.
    • @property _options.onCloseSearchResults - Triggers before search result box
    • will be hidden.
    • @property _options.onMarkerHighlighted - Triggers after a marker starts to
    • highlight.


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