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App Store Switcher

App Store Switcher is a framework-agnostic utility that automatically redirects site visitors to the appropriate app store based from the OS of their device.

Supported devices at the moment is iOS and Android.

Getting Started

Using the pre-made dist

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Contents of the /dist can be hosted anywhere and is ready for-use.

Building on your own:

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Install dependencies in the project (run yarn or yarn install, npm or npm install if you're using npm)
  3. Run yarn build
  4. In the /dist folder, you'll see the compiled files which you can host anywhere, statically.


Let's say you've hosted your app in the link, you need to provide 3 link parameters in order for the redirection to work, the required parameters are that links the user to the appropriate store.

Required parameters when visiting

Parameter Description Example
android_appId Android App ID com.ubercab of
apple_developerId Apple Developer ID uber of
apple_appId Apple App ID id368677368 of

A final link example would be:


If the device is part of the supported OS, Android/iOS, the static file redirects the user automatically to the appropriate app store, otherwise, a fallback page will be shown. This fallback page contains two badges: Play Store and App Store badges.


Simply run yarn:test on the project directory and you're good to go.


npm i store-switcher

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