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STOMP Broker

This is not a safe or production ready implementation, and still is in "Work in progress" phase. This is an experiment with messaging patterns. Tests are written mainly in javascript, which you can find under the folder examples/js.

Used protocols

Stomp implementation is tend to follow the protocol description at https://stomp.github.io/stomp-specification-1.2.html

Websocket implementation is intended to follow RFC6455 with some limitations:


Some features are under implementation, especially in the following area

  • Lack of security (WS/STOMP)
  • No fragmented messages (WS)
  • Taking only limited size messages: (WS/STOMP). See config on startup.
  • Messaging patterns


See Messaging


Common mistakes

Number of connections are limited: Too many open file error can occure, oncrease the file limits for chlid-processes with

ulimit -n 5000

Config parameters via command line args

Every argument are optional

Usage example:

./stompbroker.out processors=10 port=3000 TTL=5000 

processors=<num>            : writers count is processors-2 or at least 1
port=<num>                  : port to listen to
max_input_queue_size=<num>  : input queue limit
max_stale_queue_size=<num>  : stale queue limit
TTL=<num>                   : Time to live limit in <milli seconds>


current implementation uses epoll: input queue is processed by a single thread

It makes backpressure with starting as many output thread as free cores left. In the future it must be balanced. Further measurements needed.

In a TTL=0 case, 1 nodejs connection, 117 bytes messages over WS with 75 subscribers it was able to deliver 1M messages under 9 seconds on a 2014 mac-book air (i5). That means 120Mb / sec over loopback interface.

Feature Status

The following list are notes about implementing features in priority order

The first character of the line can contain the following status codes:

?: To be defined, unknown or need decomposition
+: Implemented and ready
-: Not implemented yet
~: Implemented, but it is incomplete
~ Parse arguments (Accepting: processors,port,max_input_queue_size, max_stale_queue_size,TTL)
+ Logger: Log output if necessary
+ Segregate main modules
+ TCP connection parent listener
~ TCP connection listener (it can not read larger messages than buffer)
+ Socket reader
+ STOMP frame parser
+ Implementing command execution / broker
+ Socket writer
+ SUBSCRIBE (handle id header for subscription!)
+ MESSAGE custom headers
+ MESSAGE subscription
+ using epoll instead of select
+ wildcard : only subscriptions allowed
- subscription limit => wont fix. would be great to have an overall memory limit instead
- subscriptions list -> tree
+ connection limit
+ input queue limit
+ maximum message size
+ multithreaded output processing
+ move code one level up
+ publish to github
~ create tests and nodejs applications, see `examples/js` directory
+ examples/js/raw/stomp.protocol.test.js  - RAW frame tests compiled with DEBUG mode in main.c
+ examples/js/websocket/* performance, TTL, diagnostic messages
- Create one functional test in javascript that tests all the test-cases. STOMP protocol, connection, load scenarios.
+ Websocket handshake filter
~ Websocket data frames encoding-decoding (Limited: opcode=1,8 text-content,fin=1 no fragments)
+ WS: Buffer underrun, Buffer overflow
+ Make session threadsafe : use it only upfront!
- STOMP: Buffer overflow, multiple messages
~ performace testing
+ Diagnostic message for session_stats `examples/js/stomp.diag.session.js`
+ Diagnostic message for ws_buff `examples/js/stomp.diag.ws.js`
+ Diagnostic message for checking internal queue sizes `examples/js/stomp.diag.stale.js`
? Internal benchmarks for possible bottle-necks + Diagnostic message
? ( dropped ws data-frames, fixed underruns, cache size )
+ WS frame maximum: WS_DATA_FRAME_MAX_LENGTH
+ WS buffering stats DIAG messages
- WS ping-pong
- STOMP heartbeat
+ peek messages: pick multiple messages for same FD (output queue only)
+ output buffering: every writer thread has an own 10k buffer for sending out multiple messages in a batch
+ handle WS client disconnect (opcode: 8)
+ more statistics, internal benchmark DIAGnostic messages
+ TTL impl: with stale_queue. subscribers check stale_queue for messages when ttl>0
- persistance: save messages to file if defined (high io need, needs benchmark stats )
- replayability: start picking up and replay messages after a defined delay from file
- change processors params name: 1) to reflect writer threads count 2) be more intuitive
+ add basic help and upload binary
+ message exchange PUB-SUB distribution by default
~ message exchange "Workerqueue distribution" with special topic name (only a single topic is guaranteed to keep the orders balanced)
- Introduce new internal queue for ACK/NACK: ack_queue, with command line arg ack_timeout
? multiple message dispatcher threads
+ Lower CPU load: replace sleeping thread loops with mutex to wait/notify awake in threadsafe queue
+ balanced tree implementation for associative array


A) You can build it with ./build.sh having gcc and build essentials installed on a 64bit arhitecture.

B) Docker files are located under the folder /docker

C) There is an npm module distribution available for nodejs running on linux

npm i -g stompica
echo "require('stompica').runDefault()" | node

or you can pass arguments from nodejs:


arguments have to be numbers in the following order: processors, port, input_q, stale_q, TTL millies

value 0 -> configure to the default


npm i stompica

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