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    Spaceship Sprites

    Spaceship Sprite is a random ship sprite generator in typescript

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    Building a single sprite

    import { Color, Sprite, SpriteBuilder } from 'spaceship-sprites'
    // Creates a builder with default parameters
    let builder = new SpriteBuilder({})
    // Creates a builder with custom parameters
    let custom = new SpriteBuilder({
        // The sprite painting area
        spriteDimensions: [9, 9],
        // The average blank pixels in the sprite
        blankPercentage: 0.7,
        // The color used in spots 'without' pixels
        blankColor: new Color(22, 22, 22),
        // The colors used when creating the sprite
        // Color accepts RGB from range [0, 255] or [0.0, 1.0]
        colorPallet: [new Color(20, 30, 40), new Color(0.1, 0.2, 0.3)],
        // Overrides colorPallet and is used only if useRandomPallet is true
        randomColorCount: 5,
        // If true, uses up to colorCount random colors
        useRandomPallet: true,
        // border in pixels, [up, right, down, left]
        border: [1, 2, 3, 4],
        // If true, ships will also be horizontally symmetrical
        horizontalSymmetry: true,
    // Makes a single sprite
    let sprite1 = builder.single().build()
    // Makes a sprite and adds the border with blankColor color
    let sprite2 = builder.single().withBorder().build()
    // Adds a border until the sprite is of the specified dimension
    let sprite3 = builder.single().withPadding([22, 22]).build()


    new SpriteBuilder({}).single().withBorder().build().svg(100, 100)

    The svg function will try to fit as best as possible the width and height. In this case, 100 became 108 to fit the sprite with dimensions 7 + 2 (sprite + border).

    Creating svg might lead to some undesired stripes when the sprite dimensions aren't exactly divisible by the width and/or height:

    new SpriteBuilder({spriteDimensions: [5, 7]}).single().withBorder().build().svg(100, 100)

    To mitigate this, you might use withPadding to make the sprite square:

    new SpriteBuilder({spriteDimensions: [5, 7]}).single().withPadding([9, 9]).build().svg(100, 100)

    You can also use svgScale to set the dimension of each pixel:

    new SpriteBuilder({spriteDimensions: [5, 7]}).single().withBorder().build().svgScale(1, 'em')



    npm i spaceship-sprites

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