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    Snyk Recursive

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    This package runs Snyk security scans recursively against every subdirectory containing one of the following:

    • A node_modules directory as well as a package.json file
    • A pom.xml file or a file.


    snyk-recursive will run in 'dev mode', where the results from every scan will be printed in the terminal. By default scans are run synchronously.


    • --v or --version - log current version to the console
    • --async - run the Snyk scans asynchronously
    • --org=<your-org> OR --org <your-org>
    • --severity=<level> OR --severity <level>
      • severity levels - low, medium, high
      • stops execution when a vulnerability at or above the security level is found
      • prints out a summary of the offending package
      • exits the process w/ a non-zero code in order to fail builds


    • Ensure you have snyk installed and set up
      • npm install -g snyk
      • snyk auth
    • Install the snyk-recursive package
      • npm i -g snyk-recursive
    • In the directory with subdirectories you want to test, run snyk-recursive

    CI/CD Integration (for monorepos)

    • Install the snyk-recursive package as a dev-dependency to your monorepo
    • Create an npm script that runs snyk-recursive --severity=<level>, where severity will be the threshold for failing builds
    • In your CI/CD config, add a step after installing dependencies to run the npm script
    • You must add an environment variable SNYK_TOKEN=<token> for snyk to authorize your pipeline to run a security scan
      • Your token can be found on your Snyk profile or using a service account


    npm i snyk-recursive

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