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    A npm project provisioning and build system for browser, electron, node and library projects.

    NPM package

    npm install smoke-pack -g
    smoke-pack add app electron
    smoke-pack add lib library
    smoke-pack link app lib
    smoke-pack watch app


    Smoke-Pack is a project provisioning and build system tool for npm packages and applications. It provides a set of core templates for provisioning browser, electron, node and library projects with each setup ready for npm publishing. Additionally, this tool provides build infrastructure for cross linking, building and watching projects managed within a single workspace.

    This tool was primarily written to allow for locally developed libraries to be seemlessly linked and shared across browser, electron and node applications.

    All project templates are written in TypeScript and all support direct linking via npm link, each project is configured to support incremental build workflows with TypeScript's --watch option.


    $ smoke-pack <command> <...args>
    Options: smoke-pack create <name> <type>
             smoke-pack add    <name> <type>
             smoke-pack remove <name>
             smoke-pack link   <name> <dependency>
             smoke-pack unlink <name> <dependency>
             smoke-pack clean  <name>
             smoke-pack build  <name>
             smoke-pack watch  [...<names>]
             smoke-pack start  <name>
             smoke-pack test   <name>
             smoke-pack pack   <name>
             smoke-pack run    <name> <script>
             smoke-pack list

    Project Types

    Smoke-Pack provides project templates for the following project types.

    Command Description
    smoke-pack create my-lib library linkable npm package library.
    smoke-pack create my-app console node console application.
    smoke-pack create my-app browser browser application w/ webpack
    smoke-pack create my-app electron electron application
    smoke-pack create my-app empty pure node + javascript console project.

    Project Commands

    The Smoke-Pack cli provides a number of command line options for linking and building projects. Each command will call into a projects tasks.js file and run one of its clean, build, watch, start, test and pack operations to carry out various build tasks. Custom projects can be added by implementing the task interface below.

    Command Description
    smoke-pack create <name> <type> creates a standalone project in the current working directory.
    smoke-pack add <name> <type> creates a new project in the ./packages/<name> directory.
    smoke-pack remove <name> removes a project from the ./packages/<name> directory.
    smoke-pack link <name> <dependency> links the <dependency> to the given project <name>
    smoke-pack unlink <name> <dependency> unlinks the <dependency> from the given project <name>
    smoke-pack clean <name> cleans the project, deleting node_modules and build artifacts.
    smoke-pack build <name> builds a project in ./packages/<name>/public/bin.
    smoke-pack watch <name> builds and watches a project in ./packages/<name>/public/bin.
    smoke-pack start <name> builds and starts a project in ./packages/<name>/public/bin.
    smoke-pack test <name> tests the project on ./packages/<name>/public/test.
    smoke-pack pack <name> builds a redistributable in ./packages/<name>/public/pack.
    smoke-pack run <name> <script> runs custom npm scripts in ./packages/<name>/package.json.
    smoke-pack list lists projects and dependencies managed by this tool.

    Task Interface

    Smoke-Pack mandates that all projects implement a common set of tasks which are run via npx or npm script. The tasks provided by this project are written with the smoke-task npm package which runs a tasks.js file located in the project root. The following outlines the high level role of each task.

    Task Description
    clean Should clean out all build artifacts incl install dependencies.
    build Should build the entirety of the project and write artifacts to public/bin
    build_conditional Should build as above but only if not already built.
    start Should build_conditional then run the project.
    watch Should build_conditional then watch / incremental and start.
    test Should build and test the project with artifacts written to public/test
    pack Should build and produce redistributable in public/pack

    For example implementations of the above interface, run smoke-pack create for one of the project templates provided with this project.

    Project Tasks

    This project provides the following build tasks.

    npm run clean       # cleans this project 
    npm run build       # builds this project 
    npm run pack        # builds via npm pack. 
    npm run install_cli # install smoke-pack locally. 
    npm run watch       # watches / install smoke-pack on save. 


    npm i smoke-pack

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