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Signal K data stream generator plugin.

SKsim is a Signal K server plug-in which injects data into the Signal K data stream to mimic vessel movement, engine status, water depth, etc.

Additionally SKsim can load and follow a GPX Track. SKsim will walk through each point in the Track at the interval set in the configuration screen.

Note: If a track has multiple segments, SKsim will concatenate all the segments into one contiguous Track

It has a UI which is available in the Signal K server Web Apps screen so it can be operated directly from the Signal K server.

SKSim also acts as a provider to enable the SignalKSimulator Chrome App to send generated values via a Signal K server.

Get the SignalKSimulator Chrome App here: Chrome Web Store

Use and Operation:

  1. Install SKsim from the AppStore

  2. Activate the plug-in on your Signal K server

  3. Start the SKsim Web App on the Signal K server.


  1. Install / Open the SignalK Simulator Chrome App

  2. Configure the application.

4.1) In the Options menu select Settings select

4.2) Select the Server tab and check Send to Signal K server at address

4.3) Enter the IP address and port of your Signal K Server

Click Start to transmit the data and make it available via the Signal K server STREAM API (/signalk/v1/stream).


npm i sksim

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