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    Shutdown-Hook Build Status

    Shutdown-Hook is an injectable shutdown hook (well dah..) module for Node.js applications.


    npm install shutdown-hook


    Create a new instance:

    const ShutdownHook = require('shutdown-hook')
    let shutdownHook = new ShutdownHook(options)

    Constructor Options:

    Property Description Default Value
    timeout Sets a timeout in ms for the shutdown operation to complete. If the shutdown operations exceed the timeout, the process will exit with code 1 10000ms
    lifo Reverses the execution order of the shutdown functions false

    Add shutdown functions:

    shutdownHook.add(_ => doSomething(), options)

    Shutdown functions are executed in the order they were added unless:

    1. options.order was specified.
    2. lifo: true was specified when instantiating the hook.

    Shutdown function can return nothing, a value, a Promise, or throw an error. A rejected promise or error will stop the shutdown sequence (subsequent functions will not be run) and exit the process with code 1.

    You can also name shutdown functions:

    shutdownHook.add('database', _ => doSomething(), {name: "foo"})

    This might be useful when listening to events (see below). If no name was given, the library auto-generates a name for consistency.


    Property Description Default Value
    name the name of the shutdown function. will be used when emitting events
    order the order of the function is the shutdown sequence. functions are ordered in ascending order before execution 0

    Register to termination signals:


    Registers the shutdown hook to trigger the shutdown sequence when receiving SIGTERM, SIGINT or "shutdown" messages sent through the process event emitter.

    Listen to shutdown sequence events:

    shutdownHook.on('ShutdownStarted', (e) => log.info('it has began'))
    shutdownHook.on('ComponentShutdown', (e) => log.info('shutting down one component'))
    shutdownHook.on('ShutdownEnded', (e) => log.info('it has ended'))

    Events structure:

    Event Property Type Description Optional
    ComponentShutdown name String Name of the shutdown functions that's being executed No
    order Number the order of the shutdown function in the sequence No
    index Number the index of the shutdown function in the sequence No
    ShutdownEnded code Number The exit code the library used when calling process.exit() No
    error Error The error the library caught in case the sequence failed to run Yes


    npm i shutdown-hook

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