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    support set cell style for sheetjs!

    API is the same as sheetjs!


    npm install sheetjs-style

    How to Use?

    Please read SheetJs Documents!

    How to set cell Style?

    for example:

    ws["A1"].s = {									// set the style for target cell
      font: {
        name: '宋体',
        sz: 24,
        bold: true,
        color: { rgb: "FFFFAA00" }


    Cell Styles

    Cell styles are specified by a style object that roughly parallels the OpenXML structure. The style object has five top-level attributes: fill, font, numFmt, alignment, and border.

    Style Attribute Sub Attributes Values
    fill patternType "solid" or "none"
    fgColor COLOR_SPEC
    bgColor COLOR_SPEC
    font name "Calibri" // default
    sz "11" // font size in points
    color COLOR_SPEC
    bold true or false
    underline true or false
    italic true or false
    strike true or false
    outline true or false
    shadow true or false
    vertAlign true or false
    numFmt "0" // integer index to built in formats, see StyleBuilder.SSF property
    "0.00%" // string matching a built-in format, see StyleBuilder.SSF
    "0.0%" // string specifying a custom format
    "0.00%;\\(0.00%\\);\\-;@" // string specifying a custom format, escaping special characters
    "m/dd/yy" // string a date format using Excel's format notation
    alignment vertical "bottom" or "center" or "top"
    horizontal "left" or "center" or "right"
    wrapText true or false
    readingOrder 2 // for right-to-left
    textRotation Number from 0 to 180 or 255 (default is 0)
    90 is rotated up 90 degrees
    45 is rotated up 45 degrees
    135 is rotated down 45 degrees
    180 is rotated down 180 degrees
    255 is special, aligned vertically
    border top { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_SPEC }
    bottom { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_SPEC }
    left { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_SPEC }
    right { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_SPEC }
    diagonal { style: BORDER_STYLE, color: COLOR_SPEC }
    diagonalUp true or false
    diagonalDown true or false

    COLOR_SPEC: Colors for fill, font, and border are specified as objects, either:

    • { auto: 1} specifying automatic values
    • { rgb: "FFFFAA00" } specifying a hex ARGB value
    • { theme: "1", tint: "-0.25"} specifying an integer index to a theme color and a tint value (default 0)
    • { indexed: 64} default value for fill.bgColor

    BORDER_STYLE: Border style is a string value which may take on one of the following values:

    • thin
    • medium
    • thick
    • dotted
    • hair
    • dashed
    • mediumDashed
    • dashDot
    • mediumDashDot
    • dashDotDot
    • mediumDashDotDot
    • slantDashDot

    Borders for merged areas are specified for each cell within the merged area. So to apply a box border to a merged area of 3x3 cells, border styles would need to be specified for eight different cells:

    • left borders for the three cells on the left,
    • right borders for the cells on the right
    • top borders for the cells on the top
    • bottom borders for the cells on the left


    sheetjs js-xlsx


    npm i sheetjs-style


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