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SFCC image catalog cleaner to remove the unused images and also optimize the ones that are used. It helps to improve the speed of the site import/export as it's usually main cause of slowness.

It also gives a text report with the following information:

  • Total images referenced in the XML
  • Total images in the image folder
  • Total images that were copied
  • Total images that were not copied because they are not used
  • Total images in XML not found in the folder
  • Total size of the optimized image folder

Install the package

npm install -g sfcc-images-cleaner

Run the cleaner

A Command-line Interface is available and can be used as the example below:

source-catalog-folder: relative path of the catalog folder where the images are.

output-folder: relative path of the folder where you want to have the cleaned folder.

sfcc-images-cleaner <source-catalog-folder> <output-folder>
sfcc-images-cleaner ../default-catalog/ ../default-clean-catalog --config=catalog.xml


config (required)

This option is mandatory and needs to be filled. It is the XML file where you want to map with your catalog image folder.

sfcc-images-cleaner <source-catalog-folder> <output-folder> --config=catalog.xml

optimize (optional)

Output a image optimized version of the cleaned folder.


Optim option can be passed to enable the feature. Be aware that can take time depending on the number of images you have

sfcc-images-cleaner ../default-catalog/ ../default-clean-catalog --config=catalog.xml --optim


Quality can be defined from a range 0 (worst) to 100 (perfect). By default, if nothing is passed the value 60 is taken. The option can work only if optim options is set

sfcc-images-cleaner ../default-catalog/ ../default-clean-catalog --config=catalog.xml --optim --quality=80

Export (optional)

You can export the results into a worksheet. You can define the format yourself but by default it is CSV if you forget the extension. The file is created in the output folder

sfcc-images-cleaner ../default-catalog/ ../default-clean-catalog --config=catalog.xml --export=myFile


sfcc-images-cleaner ../default-catalog/ ../default-clean-catalog --config=catalog.xml --export=myFile.csv


sfcc-images-cleaner ../default-catalog/ ../default-clean-catalog --config=catalog.xml --export=myFile.xlsx


npm i sfcc-images-cleaner

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