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    Catalog Reducer for SFCC (Demandware)

    At all module based on modifyied SaxJS library. It's using nodejs streams to work with huge xml files.

    How it works?

    Now it reducing master catalog based on the next logic

    • Read master catalog xml to map products with their dependencies (master-variation, etc.)
    • Read navigation catalog xml to collect category assignments
    • Merge those 2 registries in navigation one to filter not assigned products and collect dependencies of assigned in navigation
    • Read master catalog again and simultaneously write another one based on registry from previous step and provided configuration in package.json


    Please update your project package.json with configuration:

        "catalogReducer": {
            "src": {
                "master": "./testdata/real/master.xml", //master catalog file
                "navigation": "./testdata/real/navigation.xml", //navigation catalog file, may be same as master if just one catalog
                "minifiedMaster": "./testdata/real/master_minified.xml" // output master catalog file after finishing minification
            "enabledCache": true, // to read master and navigation catalog data from JSONs if existing
            "cleanupData": false, // to remove master, navigation and minified master catalog data JSONs after processing 
            "categoriesConfig": {
                    "master": 5,
                    "set": 5,
                    "bundle": 5,
                    "standard": 10
                "default": {
                    "master": 1,
                    "set": 1,
                    "bundle": 1,
                    "standard": 0 // not included dependencies from master, set or bundle
            "productsConfig": {
                inclusions: [], // array of product ids needs to be included bypassing counter
                includeIfDependency: false, // include parent product if inclusion is dependency with all parent dependencies
                includeChildren: true // include dependencies


    npm i sfcc-catalog-reducer

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