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    A CLI tool that crawls your site & produces a report with all snapshots of a specific element/component on that site, including diffs with a prod environment. Perfect for simple & effective frontend QA.


    npm install -g sentynel


    1. After installing, run "sentynel" in your terminal. This will create 4 boilerplate YML files in the current directory.
    2. Modify the "sentynel_sites.yml" and "sentynel_selectors.yml" files to include the sites and selectors you want Sentynel to capture.
    3. Rerun "sentynel"
    4. When it prompts you for it, choose a site and then a selector (the options come from the files in Step 2)
    5. Sentynel will crawl through that site, take snapshots of those selectors wherever they appear and then generate a report.

    Optional (and very cool):

    You can add the -i or -p flags to the sentynel command to also run a diff between the generated snapshots of your page elements(above) and a version of those elements on a different domain (defined by url_comp in the sentynel_sites.yml file). This is great for comparison between dev and prod environments.

    Examples of use

    Crawl through a site but only 10 links deep (faster):

    sentynel -d 10

    Rebuild the cache for a specific site/element combo (Sentynel caches the site/element choices for efficiency)

    sentynel -b

    Crawl through a site, snap element wherever it appears and then compare those results to a prod version of the site (defined by url_comp in the sentynel_sites.yml file)

    sentynel -i


    npm i sentynel

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