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    SuttaCentral Voice adapter for Bilara


    Open a Linux terminal window and change to the directory where you want to install scv-bilara. For example:

    mkdir -p ~/dev
    cd ~/dev

    If you haven't installed git yet on your computer, follow this instruction: https://github.com/git-guides/install-git.

    Now install scv-bilara:

    git clone https://github.com/sc-voice/scv-bilara
    cd scv-bilara

    The installation script has been known to fail if it cannot install NodeJS v10.17.0. If you encounter this, install NodeJS v10.17.0 manually and repeat the installation above.


    By default, scv-bilara works with the sc-voice/bilara-data fork of SuttaCentral bilara-data. To use scv-bilara with any other fork of bilara-data, simply clone the desired repository into the local subdirectory before using any scripts. Notice that any existing bilara-data must be removed.

    rm -rf local/bilara-data
    git clone https://github.com/suttacentral/bilara-data local/bilara-data

    For those who prefer Git over SSH:

    rm -rf local/bilara-data
    git clone git@github.com:suttacentral/bilara-data local/bilara-data



    Scriptable linux command-line utility that searches for suttas by id, phrase or keyword in multiple languages (e.g., pli, en, de). Output result formats include: human-readable, CSV, or JSON. Search patterns can be:

    • SuttaCentral ids search by sutta and/or segment id. E.g.: "mn1", "an1.2-15", "mn1,mn3", "mn1:1.1"
    • phrase search looks for matching phrase. E.g: "nandi dukkha"
    • keyword search looks for matching keywords. E.g.: "blue red white"
    • romanized search ignores Pali diacriticals. E.g., "ananda"


    ./scripts/search nandi dukk

    For more information, ./scripts/search --help.


    Scv-bilara normally clones sc-voice/bilara-data into local/bilara-data using HTTPS authentication. This may become annoying to enter username/password for every scv-bilara script that authenticates with Github. You can also use Github SSH authentication to painlessly avoid username/password entry. To use SSH authentication, you'll need to use bilara-auth ssh. We recommend SSH authentication unless you like typing your username/password a lot. And if you choose SSH authentication, we recommend using an ssh-agent so that you don't have to keep typing in the passphrase:

    eval `ssh-agent -s`; ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa


    Create a Github bilara-data branch for working on an unpublished translation.

    For more information, './scripts/bilara-auth --help'

    publish SUTTA

    Merge the contents of the unpublished SUTTA branch into master. Upon success, delete the merged SUTTA branch, which will be empty of changes.


    The scv-bilara library has Javascript classes for

    • BilaraData abstraction for the bilara-data container itself
    • BilaraPath utility for parsing file paths local to bilara-data
    • DETranslation wrapper for Anagarika Sabbamitta's German translations
    • English FuzzyWordSet that recognizes English words
    • ExecGit Simple Javascript Git wrapper
    • FuzzyWordSet Determines set membership by prefix matching
    • MLDoc Multilingual segmented document
    • Pali FuzzyWordSet that recognizes Pali words
    • Seeker Search engine. See scripts/search
    • SegDoc Single-language segmented document
    • SuttaCentralId utility for matching and parsing SuttaCentral Ids
    • Unicode multilingual helper


    npm i scv-bilara

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