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A cross platform, cross WebView, solution to fit 100% any Web page.

Live Demo


Include screenfit helper on top of your HTML page/application:

<script defer src="https://unpkg.com/screenfit"></script>

and optionally opt-in to listen to changes:

addEventListener('screenfit', ({detail}) => {
  const {width, height} = detail;
  console.log(`Now @${width}x${height}`);

It's important to include this module ASAP as src, defer, or module, as it adjusts both <html> and <body> styles once, so the sooner it runs, the better it is for your web/application.


When it comes to fullfill the current visible area of a Web page/application, nothing really works cross platform via CSS only, especially when the OS keyboard shows up.

This module goal is to fix the ability to fullfill a screen in both width and, most importantly, height, whenever the keyboard is on the screen, or not.

Use Cases

  • hero images/pages that perfectly fit on the screen even with an active keyboard
  • non necesasrily resizable fullscreen applications such as Maps and similar
  • splash screens and login splash screens
  • every other use case that needs 100% HTML area to work


Works/Tested on

  • KaiOS
  • Opera Mini
  • UCE Browser / Mini
  • Windows Phone
  • Samsung Internet
  • Android 6+ / Androind One
  • Any Chrome/ium based browser
  • Safari / Moble 13+
  • Vivaldi
  • Firefox / Nightly
  • Desktop browsers, including IE11 (see gotchas)

Known Gotchas

  • IE11 and Kindle experimental browser need features detection (see index.html)
  • iOS 12 (iPad does not trigger any resize), possible work around for iOS < 13 but not sure how to detect the available size without the keyboard: document.addEventListener('focus', resize, true). If you know how to get the right height with an iPad on iOS 12 with a keyboard up, please file an issue/contact me, thank you!
  • Some weird edge case might use non-system related overlays that can't be detected from JS or CSS ... in that case, be sure your web/application shows most relevant informations in the center of the screen or above some known threshold


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