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    Javascript implemenation of SuttaCentral Voice Assistance (SC-Voice) for vision-impaired. Includes:


    • Linux Debian 10 or Ubuntu 20.04
    • Nodejs 14.x
    • AWS Polly account (required)


    With a Linux console, install the software:

    git clone
    cd sc-voice

    Initialization requires super user access for your computer and you will be asked to enter your computer superuser password.


    Now update the content but do not reboot (i.e., Respond with no when asked to reboot)


    As part of installation you will need to configure the AWS Polly TTS service adapter.

    Configure Amazon AWS Polly

    The Amazon AWS Polly Text-to-Speech service can be used to convert sutta text to speech. To enable AWS Polly, you will need to configure your credentials

    Login to your AWS account and go to the IAM dashboard|Delete your root access keys|Manage Security Credentials|Access Keys...|Create New Access Key

    aws configure
    Launch localhost server
    npm start

    Open up localhost in your local browser and you will see Voice. When you are done with voice, type CTRL-C in the terminal.

    Unit tests

    npm run test

    Unit tests take about 2 minutes. The unit tests require AWS Polly.

    To execute a single unit/test, simply insert the text TESTTEST into the it("...") title argument. Then run npm run test:test, which selectively tests such unit tests whenever a source file changes. This makes quick work of debugging or implementing a feature.

    Test failures
    • Some tests validate online APIs and may fail due to timeouts or EAI_AGAIN responses. Re-run tests and they should pass.
    • Some tests validate online content which may change. For example, the number of search results may change slightly. Update the unit tests accordingly and re-run tests.


    Command line script Description
    npm run test Run service unit tests (about 2 minutes).
    npm run serve Compile and reload SC-Voice Vue for development at http://localhost:8080
    npm run build Create production Vue build in dist folder
    npm run lint Run esLint to check *.js and *.vue files `


    Directory structure

    • src contains Javascript source code
    • test contains Javascript unit tests
    • scripts contains miscellaneous scripts
    • local contains local content not archived in git
    • public Vue/Vuetify public HTML assets
    • words contains language lexicons for search and speech.


    npm i sc-voice

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