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    Trading account management software


    Trading account management software. Products according to him You can show part of the registration, sales and statistics.

    For example, the user of the program is engaged in the sale of watermelons and melons. Initially, how many watermelons and how many melons are in the warehouse. Using a separate program
    we determine which product is sold and how much. Dashboard software
    using which products are left in the warehouse and how many are sold,
    we can see its initial state. All processes are via Terminal
    is performed

    Using the program

    you will need to install the package via npm or yard

    • Enter the command npm install sales-software in the terminal and install the program

    Launch the package

    let sales = new Sales()
    let argv = process.argv
    ;(async () => {
        if(argv[2] === `--dep`){
            await sales.depozit(argv[3], argv[4])
        }else if(argv[2] === `-sell`){
            await sales.salesProduct(argv[3], argv[4])
        }else if(argv.length == 2){
            await sales.dashboard()
    • After installing the program, you need to enter your own, name and number of your products through the terminal, let's say: In the terminal we enter the command node main and all the information about our product is displayed in the table. The dashboard stores information about all the products sold, all added products
    • Add product and edit it with deposit program: node main --dep watermelon 25
    • To sell the products we sell node main -sell watermelon 6 order and this sales change will definitely work for us

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