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Cart Widget that can be embedded into sites in order to allow its users to buy products and send orders to the site owner.

Step by step explanation how project has been built.


There's a git tag for every step, use it to see state of project for every step - type git checkout <tag-name> and git checkout master to set project to the latest state.

  • HTML Mockups - html-mockups.

How to install NodeJS

We need it to use LESS, and as our web server.

Don't use NodeJS pre-packaged installer because it will install it with sudo and you don't want that, also don't install it via brew or other package manager because for some reason unknown to me all of them install it somehow wrongly. It's better to built NodeJS from sources.

wget http://nodejs.org/dist/vX.X.X/node-vX.X.X.tar.gz
tar -xzf node-vX.X.X.tar.gz
cd node-vX.X.X
make install

How to install LESS

NodeJS should be installed, then type npm install less -g

How to namespace Twitter Bootstrap styles

Download Twitter Bootstrap http://getbootstrap.com, go to css folder, create bootstrap.less file and copy content of bootstrap.css there (LESS is superset of CSS so it will be fine).

Create file bootstrap-widget.less and put import bootstrap styles into namespace.

.bootstrap {@import "./bootstrap.less";}

Now run LESS and convert it to CSS

lessc bootstrap-widget.less > bootstrap-widget.css

You should get file bootstrap-widget.css with all bootstrap styles put under the bootstrap namespace.

Copyright (c) Alexey Petrushin, http://petrush.in, released under the MIT license.




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