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    Rocket Nuimo

    License Node Maintained

    ๐Ÿš€ Rocket Nuimo, a Node.js client package for Senic's Numio Control BLE device.


    To install rocket-nuimo for use within your project use yarn or npm

    $ yarn add rocket-nuimo


    Documentation for the rocket-nuimo API are under docs/api.

    Getting Started

    Check out examples to see how to use everything from discovering, display, and eventinbg.

    Getting Connected

    import { DeviceDiscoveryManager } from 'rocket-nuimo'
    // Device connection manager
    const manager = DeviceDiscoveryManager.defaultManager
     * Main application entry point
    async function main() {
        console.log('Starting Numio Control discovery')
        // Create a new discovery session
        const session = manager.startDiscoverySession()
        console.log('Waiting for device...')
        // Convenience to await the first discovered Nuimo device
        const device = await session.waitForFirstDevice()
        console.log(`Found device '${device.id}'`)
        // Establish device connection
        if (await device.connect()) {
            console.log('Connected to Nuimo Control')
            // You're connected, observe events and get started...
            // If the device gets disconnected, exit the app
            device.on('disconnect', () => {
                console.log('Disconnected! Exiting.')
                // On a disconnect, exit
    // Boot strap async function
    main().catch((err) => {


    Clone rocket-nuimo-node and run the examples to try things out. package.json contains many example scripts. Alternatively, for Visual Sudio Code users you have access to the pre-configured launch configurations to run the examples.

    $ git clone https://github.com/pryomoax/rocket-nuimo-node.git
    $ cd rocket-nuimo-node
    $ yarn install

    Run one of the following scripts

    # Device discovery
    $ yarn device-discovery
    # Simple display of custom glyphs
    $ yarn display
    # Example of simple animation
    $ yarn animation
    # Selection events
    $ yarn select-events
    # Touch/Long Touch events
    $ yarn touch-events
    # Swipe (on device) and through the "fly" touchless gesture
    $ yarn swipe-events
    # Hover proximity events, through "fly" touchless gestures
    $ yarn hover-events
    # Dial rotate events
    $ yarn rotate-events


    There can be troubles connecting to a Nuimo when playing around with the device. To give you some leads in trouble shooting, try the following:

    • Click the center screen button to wake up Nuimo Control
    • Power cycle Nuimo Control
    • Reset bluetooth if on your Mac
    • Check if there are any current issue with noble related to the OS/Node.js version you are using.

    Special Thanks

    Thanks to those making things better with PRs:


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