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    Basic primitives for merging and combining multiphase solid objects. This is part of the rle narrowband level set library.


    You can install it via rle-funcs:

    npm install rle-funcs


    Here is an example showing how to implement the update rule for a 3D version of the Game of Life using narrowband level sets:

    //Bounds for birth
    var SURVIVE_LO      = 4;
    var SURVIVE_HI      = 5;
    var BIRTH_LO        = 5;
    var BIRTH_HI        = 5;
    //Set up neighborhood stencil
    var MOORE_1         = require("rle-stencil").moore(1);
    var CENTER_INDEX    = 13;
    //Compute the next state of the cellular automaton
    function nextState(state) {
      return require("rle-funcs").apply(state, MOORE_1, function(phases, distances, retval) {
        //Count neighbors
        var neighbors = 0;
        for(var i=0; i<27; ++i) {
          if(i !== CENTER_INDEX && phases[i]) {
        //Compute next state
        if(phases[CENTER_INDEX]) {
          if(SURVIVE_LO <= neighbors && neighbors <= SURVIVE_HI) {
            retval[0] = 1;
        } else if(BIRTH_LO <= neighbors && neighbors <= BIRTH_HI) {
          retval[0] = 1;
        retval[0] = 0;
    //Initialize state and tick in your main loop

    If you want to see it in action, here is a demo. Other examples of using rle-funcs can be found in rle-csg and rle-morphology which are built on top of this library:


    merge(volumes, stencil, merge_func)

    This merges a collection of volumes together. This acts like a generalized boolean operation amongst the volumes. It is a very flexible, and very general function

    • volumes: An array of volumes
    • stencil: A stencil
    • merge_func(phases, distances, retval): A function that takes 3 arguments:
      • phases: An array of length volumes.length * stencil.length of material phases.
      • distances: An array of length volumes.length * stencil.length of distances to the material boundary
      • retval: A length two array for the return value of the function. The first item is the new phase and the second item is the distance to the phase boundary.

    Returns: A new volume which is the result of calling merge_func at every point in the volumes.

    mergePoint(volumes, merge_func)

    This is an optimized version of merge where the stencil is a single point.

    apply(volume, stencil, merge_func)

    This is an optimized version of merge that takes only a single volume as input, instead of an array. Useful for implementing cellular automata and other local differential equations.

    applyPoint(volume, merge_func)

    Optimized version apply that assumes stencil is a single point.


    (c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko




    npm i rle-funcs

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